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Radon Mitigation of Upper Floor MultiFamily Housing Is Easy with Compartmentalization and Installation of Pressurization/Dilution/Filtration Modules

Fresh Air + MERV 14-15 Filtration?

More people are getting Alzheimer’s and at an earlier age as each year passes.

Your Car’s Engine? It Always Inhales Air Through a High Performance Filter That is Nearly an N-95 Filter

Apparently, the manufacturer realized that it was a good idea to clean the air before it entered into the engine’s iron cylinders and to come into contact with moving aluminum pistons. Why was it a Good Idea? Because manufacturers learned that for an engine to inhale clean air allows an engine to live longer and go many more miles without failure.

In the not-so-recent-past, a car was considered nearly worn out when it had less than a hundred thousand miles on the odometer. Blue smoke from the exhaust was a powerful clue that the end had arrived. Lots of cars were leading a trail of blue smoke. Perhaps you are not old enough to remember that.

Today, it is not uncommon for a car to have 250-400,000 miles and still run as well as it did when it had only 50,000 miles. Today, even cars with 400,000 miles do not lead a trail of blue smoke. WHY? Improved Air Filter Technology keeps the “Bad Stuff” out of the engine’s, “Lungs.”

Your Lungs Inhale Air Inhale Air Without Any Filter At All – Unless You Are Wearing an N-95 Face Mask.

Air conditioner filters are intended to prevent air conditioner failure by keeping house dust off of the cooling coils. Air conditioner filters allow PM2.5 particles to pass right through. MERV 14-15 filters are highly restrictive. Air conditioners do not have enough suction to pull enough air through a MERV 14-15 filter.

What would happen if  you decided that you would wear an N-95 Face Mask all the time, even when you slept?.

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