Radon is Often Present in High Rise Condos, Apartments, and Single Family Dwellings (South Florida)

Not only is Radon found in ground floor homes, but Radon finds and contaminates upper floors, too. On upper floors, the most frequent source is the porous concrete blocks used in the construction of exterior (curtain) walls. Upper floors may even have higher radon levels than the ground floor. We have found that air conditioner installation defects on upper floors can unintentionally “seek out and mine” more radon from “Radon Reservoirs” in other parts of a building.  But in some buildings, unintentional radon pathways exist and deliver much more radon to one dwelling unit than to any other, even though they may be side-by-side..

Radon is Often Present in Upper Floors of High Rise Condos, and Apartments, as well as in Single Family Dwellings (South Florida)

“Our new home is on the 13th floor. Our home inspector suggested we test for radon anyway. We did. Radon was 6.3, well over the USEPA Action Level. We got it fixed. Our Home Inspector is our Hero.”

Daisy Ductless Technology Mitigates Radon emitted from building materials from first to top floor penthouses of residential multihousing. 

The highest radon we ever mitigated in south Florida was in a 23rd floor penthouse of a high rise condo building on Pelican Bay Boulevard, Naples, FL-  nearly 35 picoCuries per liter. We fixed it. It was not easy.

Radon Reduction occurs by Pressurization of the Breathing Zone and Dilution within a unit’s Breathing Zone. Radon Extraction removes radon from “Radon Reservoirs” where Radon accumulates within the building’s recesses, voids and cavities, and from which it may be transported into the breathing zone by unintentional air flows created by air handler operation.

Radon Mitigation Issues That We Have Identified and Resolved:

  1. How may an air intake port be bored through an exterior wall without outdoor access? (upper floors) and without creating new construction, requiring cleanup or requiring restoration? SOLUTION? The Blue Boar Precision Port-Boring Rig and Cuttings Capture System
  2. How may fresh air mitigation be performed without involving a slow and problematic permitting process? Miami/Dade? SOLVED: Engineer the technology to avoid the need for a permit to keep things quick and simple.
    • Do not penetrate the roof to avoid need for a roofing permit
    • Do not connect to an air conditioner to avoid need for a mechanical permit
    • Do not connect to plumbing to avoid need for a plumbing permit
    • Do not penetrate through a structural component to avoid need for an engineer
    • Use low voltage plug-in power to avoid need for an electrical permit.
  3. How can a MERV 13 (suggested by US EPA) or better (MERV 14-15) fresh air filter be easily serviced/replaced from indoors as required by ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2019? SOLVED: We designed and manufacture a custom air filtration system that meets all requirements.
    1. How can high humidity and mold be prevented automatically 24/7/365? SOLVED: We designed and manufacture a reliable and automatic relative humidity controller.
  4. How can radon reduction be adjusted to achieve the desired radon reduction without guesses that often create over-ventilation/moisture issues? SOLVED: We designed and manufactured a custom master control panel that provides control and a digital performance meter.
  5. How can a radon mitigation system be designed to be serviced or totally replaced in minutes with a new or rebuilt module by most any handy person? SOLVED: We engineered the entire system to be of Plug ‘n Play Simplicity.