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Radon Mitigation Based in Building Science
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We Fix Radon Fast

Pure, Clean Fresh Air for Your Family's Health

Keep the  outdoor bad stuff outdoors.

We You can keep the bad stuff out of your family's lungs

Filtration, Pressurization/pushback, Dilution, Confirmation

Clean Fresh Air for health

Don't let the outdoor bad stuff into your lungs.

Our Proven systems inject add superclean air to dilute radon and to reverse radon entry by pressurization

What is the bad stuff? footnotes or dedicated web page.

Clean Air, Clean Lungs, Better Health

We've Done Our Homework


We can do it with our products. Products

Easy service, low impact, simple, robotic

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The Home You Want Has Radon?

Maybe That is a Good Thing

It often means that the home is

Especially Well-Built and 

Energy Efficient.

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Radon Can Always Be Fixed

Radon Mitigation: Any Floor, Condos, Apartments, MultiFamily Housing, Single Family Residences

NEW Technology

Easily FIX Radon in MultiFamily Properties with existing fresh air ducts

NEW Technology 1: Daisy Deuce Radon Mitigation Retrofit Module

Passive Fresh Air Stub

No Filter, No Power, Sometimes connected to return air plenum.

Out of control at all times. May / May  Not Mitigate Radon Successfully. Can Create Serious Mold Issues

Powered Fresh Air / Filtration Air Delivery Conversion Module. 

Install it and forget it.

It knows what to do. 

Switch filters every 12 months

MERV 13 Filtration
12-24 months
Easy Service
500 filters in stock

Electronic Flow Control allows automatic humidity and optional CO2

Call Wayne: 239 571 2227 - for details and Availability

Wayne made Two Presentations at the AARST International  Radon Symposium  in Denver, 2019

The Daisy Deuce was Developed to overcome the issues revealed in this video 

Radon Extractors were Developed to Deliver the Best Result when building workmanship allowed it

Radon Extraction Success depends upon a tight exterior pressure envelope and low HVAC supply and return duct leakage. Careful testing can identify favorable conditions.

BUT No Existing Fresh Air Ducts?

Technology 2: Daisy Ductless Radon Mitigation Fresh Air Delivery / Filtration Module

No Ducts Needed

Easily FIX RADON in MultiFamily Housing without any existing provision for Fresh Air

SuperFiltered, Clean Fresh Air

Installs through exterior wall from indoors with our custom line-bore rig. High efficiency cuttings capture system for no-cleanup, no restoration. In and out the door in two hours max. 

The Plug 'N Play Daisy module is only 9.25 inches in length to fit completely within and nearly flush with wall surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Architectural committees love it.

Experience over seven years has revealed that Daisy-delivered fresh air is quickly distributed to reduce radon throughout the  home and without the need for installation of dehumidifiers, ducts or construction of soffits.

Engineered to be fully exempt from permitting for no-delay installations.

Superb Filtration:  SmartVentilation Type III

MERV 14-15, which is the Equivalent of an N-95 Face Mask for all the fresh air entering  your  home.

Type III filters are factory manufactured to SmartVentilation specifications. Filtration Performance is equivalent to an N-95 face mask for all outdoor air delivered by the Daisy.  Filter Service Life is 12-24 months. The filter may be serviced in two minutes without tools from indoors and from outdoors. Replacements and accessories are available at

Type III filters capture pollen, mold spores, radioactive PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, even smoke to keep them out of the breathing zone and out of the occupants' blood, lungs, bone marrow, heart, and brain. MERV 14-15 exceeds US EPA recommendations of MERV 13. 

Master Control Panel: Three Essential Functions

  • Humidity Management / Mold Prevention - Robotic  
  • Radon Level Adjustment by Jeweler's Screwdriver
  • Digital Performance Meter in CFM

Optional: Concealed Power Supply 

FIRST: Mold Prevention SmartVentilation's indoor relative humidity controller Prevents Mold from Daisy Operation. 60% indoor relative humidity is recognized as the mold growth threshold at 76 degrees F. If indoor relative humidity rises above 59.9%, within seconds, the Master Control Panel will temporarily suspend Daisy operation to keep indoor relative humidity below 60%. It is not uncommon to have cooling without de-humidification because of declines in air conditioner performance. If that happens, the Daisy will immediately know it and shut down until the air conditioner is repaired.

SECOND: Radon Level Adjustment SmartVentilation's radon level control feature allows the home's occupants to adjust the radon level to their preference. (subject to system performance limitations) Adjusting Radon Level

THIRD: Digital Performance Meter A digital meter indicates the performance level of the Daisy to allow precise performance adjustment settings. We have found that 1200' -1600' tightly-built, energy efficient homes usually need only a precise 18-20 cubic feet per minute to achieve the preferred radon reduction goal. The adjustable Daisy Ductless makes it easy with precision.  At that rate, Daisy Ductless airflow is nearly undetectable. Multiple Daisy installations for larger homes.

What Does A Daisy Ductless Look Like?

Paint it to match the wall

A Daisy Air Delivery Grille is 7" in diameter and extends from the wall about 1/8". The grille is laser-cut of acrylic and may be painted. The Type III filter cartridge may be exchanged from indoors or outdoors, without tools and usually without need for even a step stool. The Daisy is Plug 'N Play for easy service by almost any handy person. All parts are available at Daisies have a remarkable record of reliability even under severe salt-spray conditions.

No new soffits required; no moldy air handler closets. No need to install a dehumidifier later. No homemade filter to service every 60 to 90 days from the top of a 10 foot ladder.

Electronic Digital Radon Meter

Safety Siren Series 4 Pro Radon Meter

Is Your MV Radon System Keeping Your Family Safe?

Or has it failed and you don't know?

Silent, usually out of sight

What does it mean?

Does it give you confidence?

With RadonRESSQ, LLC You will know your radon level at all times, 24 / 7 / 365. 

And if our system fails, you will hear a beep, beep, beep to tell you to call for repair.

And we will restore operation without delay.

And if you want to adjust the radon level accurately and without guesswork, it is easy to do with a jeweler's screwdriver.

It only takes a few seconds.The radon meter will guide you and confirm your safety.

No batteries to go dead, corrode, and damage the instrument.

METER INCLUDED (This meter is our favorite; it has everything you need.)

Daisy Ductless