Premium Radon Mitigation in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero and All of South Florida

A Daisy

Choose Smart Radon Mitigation Premium Technology; Our R&D Puts Us Years Ahead of Our Competition

If you want the best for your family consider this:

We Perfected The “SMART” Daisy Ductless Premium Radon Mitigation System / Enhanced Air Quality System which Includes the Following. . . Nobody else has these “SMART” Features:

It took us nearly 7 years of R&D to perfect our technology

THE FACTS – Daisy Ductless’ Life/Health Preservation Features Rarely Cost More

  1. FACTORY MADE FILTER: A Premium MERV 13-15 Air Intake Filter blocks entry of 95% of nearly everything for 18-24 months.   COMPARE: Common homemade filters MUST be serviced every 60-90 days
  2. EASY FILTER SERVICE: Filters may be exchanged from indoors or outdoors in two minutes or less, without tools. Our Type III Filter meets ASHRAE FILTER Standard 62.2-2019 (The only filter that does)
  3. “SMART” MOLD PREVENTION: An Electronic Humidity Controller constantly measures indoor humidity and automatically operates the “SMART” Daisy System to keep indoor relative humidity below 60% to prevent mold and to preserve occupant comfort. Meets ASHRAE Recommendations, too
  4. “SMART” RADON LEVEL ADJUSTMENT: An Electronic Radon Level Control will allow the occupants to adjust the average radon level to meet  their preferences using only a jeweler’s screwdriver. Use the “SMART” meter to guide your adjustments. The  only one in the Radon industry
  5. NEW! A “SMART” DIGITAL AIR FLOW RATE METER: will reveal the amount of fresh air in cubic feet per minute that your Daisy System is delivering into your breathing zone. The only one in the entire Radon industry.
  6.  RELIABLE RADON METER WITH AUDIBLE ALARM: (No Batteries) will reveal your radon level and sound an alarm to warn you to call the installer if your radon system fails. (What is a warranty worth if you don’t immediately know your radon system has failed?)
  7. PERMIT EXEMPT: The Daisy is engineered to be Exempt from Permitting for no-delay installation. You want it installed tomorrow? Often possible!

You keep poisons out of your stomach, don’t you?

Why not keep poisonous particles out of your lungs too? Like Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae Toxins, PM2.5, Bacteria, Mold Spores, Soot, Wildfire Smoke? N-95 Protection from outdoor toxins without the Mask.

Now you can keep RADON and airborne poisons and toxic particles out of  your lungs, brain, heart, bone marrow and internal organs. Why not let the Premium Daisy filter trap them all before they come  into your home?

Your automobile’s manufacturer made sure that your car’s engine did not “breath dirty air” by including a high performance, long life air filter. What do car manufacturers know that you don’t?

Don’t Let Your Lungs suck in RADON, Toxins, Radioactive Heavy Metal and Poisonous  Airborne Particles.  If you don’t, they will accumulate and poison your bone marrow, blood, heart and brain as they accumulate to even greater concentrations each year.  

We have a limited number of Premium Air Quality / Clean Air systems ready for immediate installation.

        • You can reduce radon to well below EPA acceptable levels
        • You can block entry of outdoor “Bad Stuff” into  your home’s breathing zone to keep it out of your family members’ respiratory systems, bone marrow, hearts and brains.
        • You can limit humidity to prevent mold, automatically
        • You can turn your home into a true sanctuary of good health and safety and  Delay Onset of Alzheimer’s
  1. ♥ Fresh Ari Cleaned by MERV 13, 14-15 and HEPA fresh air filter systems
  2. ♥ Mold Prevention/Humidity Control: Unmatched automatic humidity control to limit indoor humidity increases to less than 59.9%
  3. ♥ A Simple Radon Level Control that you can easily adjust radon reduction with a jeweler’s screwdriver. An integral digital meter will advise you of the approximate air delivery rate in cubic feet per minute. It will also give you a visual indication of system failure.
  4. ♥ An Electronic Digital Radon Meter with an audible alarm For Peace of Mind that everything is doing its job. 
  5. ♥ A Radon Level between 2.75 and 3.5 pCi/l is Best to Avoid Future Air Conditioner Problems. With lower final radon levels, like 1.8 pCi/l, too much wet, outdoor air is being added and air conditioners can become overloaded with too much hot, humid fresh air. Just because an air conditioner is cooling does not mean it is dehumidifying. Excessive fresh air does little to reduce lung cancer risk, but it can create illness from mold exposure. Especially Beware radon levels below about 2.5 in a radon-mitigated home with mechanical ventilation. Such low test results are red flags that mold risk may be much higher. Mold remediation is terribly costly.
  6. ⇓ Reject a Blue-Oil-Filled U-Tube Manometer for indicating fresh air radon system operation. When used with a fresh air system, they will lie to  you.
  7. Nobody really knows how reliable Florida radon mitigation systems are over time.  No Studies have been conducted to determine reliability of radon systems or if they even work after the initial two day clearance test. The Florida Department of Health says you should retest every two years, but it is extremely rare that anyone ever retests, and it is believed that if retest data exists, it has not been studied or published. USE A digital, electronic RADON METER, NOT A BLUE OIL-FILLED U-TUBE MANOMETER.

 (Nobody Else Has Them)

Found A Home You Want To Buy, But It Has Radon?

For long term Peace of Mind, Install a Daisy Ductless, the PREMIUM Radon Mitigation System and RELAX . . .

  • Factory made MERV 14-15 Air Intake Filter that needs no service for 18-24 months
  • Adjustable Radon Level (jeweler’s screwdriver-adjustable)
  • Automatic Humidity Controller prevents mold without having to install a dehumidifier later
  • Radon meter with audible alarm so you will know immediately if radon system fails
  • Simple Plug ‘n Play repairs with parts available online at

What is a “warranty” worth if you don’t have a radon meter that sounds an alarm if your system fails?

Especially when repairs are free under warranty. We have seen cases where the owner did not know that the radon system had failed 12 years earlier, shortly after the installation. (As we believe they frequently do) And if our/your Daisy Ductless fails, we both want to know about it immediately. . . So we can fix it immediately.

Our Goal is to keep you and your family safe, automatically, with little for you to do other than exchange the air filter every 18-24 months. AND TO BASK IN SUPERIOR INDOOR AIR QUALITY without worry.

The DAISY Ductless Decimates Radon and Delivers Unexpected  “Fountain of Youth” Health Benefits too. (IMPORTANT See Below)


  1. This radioactive gas comes from the concrete, especially the concrete blocks used to build exterior walls even in penthouses in  high rise condos
  2. This toxic substance also comes from the soil beneath the home through a construction defect that was not well-sealed. Often, air conditioners are able to “Mine” this carcinogen and blow it into the breathing zone. We call this a “Radon Fountain,” and they should always be sealed. When the level is above about 8 pCi/l, a radon fountain is always suspected.
  3. SIMPLE! Because the home probably does not have a FRESH AIR SYSTEM. A fresh air system was not installed when the home was built BECAUSE FRESH AIR WAS NOT REQUIRED by law until July 1, 2016.

BUT TODAY, a Fresh Air System is MANDATORY. ASHRAE Standards 62.2-2016, 2017, and 2019 as well as the Florida Building Code and International Building Code REQUIRE all new homes to have fresh air systems. But even now, some builders are not installing functional fresh air systems.


Installing a Daisy Ductless Fresh Air Radon Mitigation system with MERV 13 or better filtration will deliver these surprising and well-documented Breathing Zone Benefits: (and bring the  home up to Code too)

  1. You Can Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer (Radon Mitigation)
  2. You Can Improve your Sleep
  3. You Can Improve Your Cognitive Function
  4. You Can Probably Delay of Onset of Alzheimer’s, Dementia for years by Excluding toxic, heavy metal, and radioactive PM2.5 accumulations in YOUR Brain starting RIGHT NOW)
  5. You Can Reduce Allergy and Asthma Trigger responses
  6. You Can stop inhaling toxic aerosol particles of PM2.5, Red Tide and Blue Green Algae when you are in your home.
  7. You can breathe increased Oxygen with every breath in your home

Installing a Fresh Air Radon Mitigation system with MERV 13 or better filtration will deliver these surprising and well-documented Breathing Zone Health Benefits: (and bring the  home up to Code too)

  1. Greatly Reduced Risk of Lung Cancer (Radon Mitigation)
  2. Improved Sleep
  3. Improved Cognitive Function
  4. Delayed of Onset of Alzheimer’s, Dementia (Exclusion of toxic, heavy metal, radioactive PM2.5 accumulating in YOUR Brain)
  5. Reduced Allergy and Asthma Triggers
  6. Exclusion of toxic aerosol particles of Red Tide and Blue Green Algae
  7. Increased Indoor Oxygen Level

CONCLUSION? An elevated Radon level probably means that the home is Well-Constructed, Air-Tight and Energy Efficient but needs fresh air in the correct amount.

Adding Fresh Air? A Truly Great Idea (But include a MERV 13+ filter and automatic humidity control) Do not overlook automatic, electronic humidity control/ mold prevention.

Radon is surprisingly common in Naples and Collier County, Florida in both low and high rise buildings.

The highest radon we have mitigated was in a 23rd floor penthouse of a high rise in Naples. 35 picoCuries Per liter. Fixing it did not require a dehumidifier because we found and blocked the radon entry pathway using micro pressure and unintentional airflow management. Our 16 channel data acquisition system allowed us to collect data from sixteen points simultaneously and to view them on our computer screen simultaneously.

Radon is even  more common in Fort Myers and Lee County, Florida.

Radon shows up in upper floors because it is emitted from building materials and collects in wall cavities on every floor. We have developed a radon extraction system that extracts radon from those exterior and demising wall cavities before it can enter the breathing zone. I  presented SmartVentilation’s radon extraction technology  at the AARST International Radon Symposium in Denver in September, 2019

SmartVentilation’s R & D Has Produced Mature, Well-Proven Products to Keep Your Family Safe and Comfortable

Type III MERV 14-15 Filter SuperCleans Air like an N95 mask for your whole home for 18-24 months. Easily serviced from indoors (as required by ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2019) or outdoors. Designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation to deliver a superior radon mitigation / indoor air quality result.
As Described
Humidity Controller, Radon Level Control
Humidity Controller / Mold Preventer prevents indoor relative humidity from rising above 59.9% from radon system operation. Designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation to deliver a superior radon mitigation result
As Described
The aluminum Daisy is 9.25" long. It fits entirely within an exterior wall. It includes an electronically adjustable motorized impeller (salt spray protected) and the MERV 14-15 Type III filter. Designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation to deliver a superior radon mitigation and air quality result.
As Described

SmartVentilation’s  Type III filter material removes 95% of PM2.5.

PM2.5 carries radioactive, toxic heavy metal hitchhikers that end up in your brain where they remain, poisoning and irradiating brain tissue. 

Emerging evidence links early onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia to such brain  tissue accumulations.

CONCLUSION? To delay onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia for years, filter out PM2.5 and toxic, heavy metal hitchhikers before they can reach your brain by capturing them on a filter

SmartVentilation R&D has been successful in replacing the “technology” below with the custom designed and manufactured  products above

A homemade hog’s hair air intake filter after it received a 60-90 day service washing with soapy water. Unless it is serviced, airflow is soon blocked and radon mitigation fails.

This is a Table Lamp Timer. Some mitigators set and reset these 48 tabs to prevent mold and to adjust radon levels. And never come back.

This unfiltered air intake had been turned off long ago because radon system operation had caused high humidity, serious mold problems and moldy odors.

Radon Mitigation, Breathe Super-Clean Fresh Air, Even Cleaner than Your Car's Engine Breathes

A Premium Daisy Ductless fresh air module quietly delivering outdoor air through a MERV 14-15 filter. into a kitchen. Variable speed, 5-70 CFM allows radon level adjustment in seconds.
Fully Automatic humidity controller prevents high indoor relative humidity and mold

A SmartVentilation Air Intake Assembly Also offered as a retrofit kit to replace homemade air intake filter installations

Custom designed / manufactured MERV 14-15 fresh air intake filter kit. Equivalent to an N95 mask for the air entering your home Service evrey 18-24 months

Filter exchange is quick and easy. Air ducts stay clean for years and years.

Compare Filters

Polyester fluff cut with scissors from a big roll. MERV unrated, but likely MERV 2-3 . Requires service every 60-90 days. Unless the rabbit cage wire grille is installed, dirty filters are often sucked into the radon fan where they do damage and are tedious to remove.
Cone-shaped Type III MERV 14-15 filter designed by SmartVentilation and manufacutred of premium components in a modern air filter factory. MERV 14-15. Compare to tiny Hog's Hair filter on left and Polyester fluff filter above/right right.

Compare Humidity Control and Radon Level Control

The SmartVentilation Indoor Relative Humidity “Smart” Controller showing the humidity sensing element and a jeweler’s screwdriver adjusting the radon level. This controller constantly senses indoor relative humidity and automatically operates the Daisy to prevent high  indoor relative humidity and mold. This “Smart” device accurately measures indoor relative humidity second by second and acts as needed, automatically. SmartVentilation designed and manufactures this controller in Fort Myers, Fl. This system senses humidity and acts in a “smart” fashion to prevent mold when indoor relative humidity rises above 59.9%. Even if the air conditioner’s humidification performance declines, this controller will know it immediately and will act accordingly to prevent mold.

A Table Lamp Timer commonly used by others in an attempt to prevent high indoor relative humidity and mold. Mold is prevented by predicting indoor relative humidity over the year and then adjusting 48 little tabs to turn the radon system on and off automatically, hoping that indoor relative humidity will not rise high enough to create mold issues. This device has no idea what indoor relative humidity actually is. This table lamp timer is also the means of adjusting the radon level by setting and resetting 48 little tabs. (grey) We call this system “Dumb” because it does not pay any attention to actual humidity levels. It works on “guesses” instead of actual microprocessor-controlled relative humidity calculations.

 This home did not  have an air intake filter so the filth that got into the air conditioner may have accumulated to an inch depth in this duct and spilled out into the air conditioner closet floor. How would you clean the dead insects, pollen mold and mold spores decaying in this duct? How would a duct cleaner clean up the mess. Why didn’t the installer include an easy-to-service air filter?

Air Intake No Filter
An air Intake without a Filter. How would you go about cleaning the "junk" inside this permanently installed intake hood and duct?
Radon System Corruption Deposits
Do you suppose there could be any mold growth on the stuff collecting inside this dark, humid, sealed, duct?
No air intake filter
A Health Scientist may say, "Replace all air conditioner ducts with new. They are too dirty to be cleaned satisfactorily.."

Somebody Doesn't Want You to Know . . .