Radon Mitigation in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Found A Home You Want To Buy, But It Has Radon?

If So, Go Ahead and Buy It. Radon can always be fixed

Discovering Radon Could Be GOOD NEWS?   REALLY?  YES

Radon is surprisingly common in Naples and Collier County, Florida in both low and high rise buildings.

The highest radon we have mitigated was in a 23rd floor penthouse of a high rise in Naples. 35 picoCuries Per liter. Fixing it did not require a dehumidifier because we found and blocked the radon entry pathway using micro pressure and unintentional airflow management. Our 16 channel data acquisition system allowed us to collect data from sixteen points simultaneously and to view them on our computer screen simultaneously.

Radon is even  more common in Fort Myers and Lee County, Florida.

Radon shows up in upper floors because it is emitted from building materials and collects in wall cavities on every floor. We have developed a radon extraction system that extracts radon from those exterior and demising wall cavities before it can enter the breathing zone. I  presented SmartVentilation’s radon extraction technology  at the AARST International Radon Symposium in Denver in September, 2019

SmartVentilation’s R & D Has Produced Mature, Well-Proven Products to Keep Your Family Safe and Comfortable

Type III MERV 14-15 Filter SuperCleans Air like an N95 mask for your whole home for 18-24 months. Easily serviced from indoors or outdoors. Designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation to deliver superior radon mitigation result.
As Described
Humidity Controller, Radon Level Control
Humidity Controller / Mold Preventer prevents indoor relative humidity from rising above 59.9% from radon system operation. Designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation to deliver a superior radon mitigation result
As Described
The aluminum Daisy is 9.25" long. It fits entirely within an exterior wall. It includes an electronically adjustable fan and the MERV 14-15 Type III filter. Designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation to deliver a sujperior radon mitigatino result.
As Described

SmartVentilation’s  Type III filter material removes 95% of PM2.5.

PM2.5 carries radioactive, toxic heavy metal hitchhikers that end up in your brain where they remain, poisoning and irradiating brain tissue. 

Emerging evidence links early onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia to such brain  tissue accumulations.

CONCLUSION? To filter out PM2.5 and hitchhikers before they can reach your brain by capturing them on a filter  may delay onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia for years

SmartVentilation R&D has been successful in replacing the “technology” below with the custom designed and manufactured  products above

A homemade hog’s hair air intake filter after it received a 60-90 day service washing with soapy water. Unless it is serviced, airflow is blocked and radon mitigation fails.

This is a Table Lamp Timer. Some mitigators set and reset these 48 tabs to prevent mold and to adjust radon levels

This unfiltered air intake had been turned off long ago because radon system operation had cause high humidity, serious mold problems and moldy odors.

Daisy Ductless “Fountain of Youth” Fresh Air TakeAways

No-Regret Technology Not Offered by Others:

  1. Permit Exempt / Quickest = The Daisy Ductless Plug ‘n Play system =  engineered to avoid delays of permitting for a quick closing 
  2. Filtration of Fresh Air = MERV 14-15 = same as an N95 Face Mask, good for 18-24 months
  3. Electronic Indoor Humidity Controller = Eliminate risk of high indoor humidity and mold from fresh air (without adding a dehumidifier)
  4. Easily Adjustable Radon Level = Adjust in seconds with a jeweler’s screwdriver
  5. Plug ‘n Play for Easy Installation and Repair By Almost Any Handy Person = Parts available on our online store
In a Nutshell:

A Daisy Ductless is Like a “Fountain of Youth” to Make Your Home a Sanctuary of Good Health, Cognitive Function,  and Comfort

Keep Airborne Poisons, Toxins, and Irritants out of your home’s breathing zone, out of your family’s hearts, lungs, and brains

  1. Radon
  2. Pollen, Mold Spores
  3. Bacteria, Viruses
  4. PM2.5, radioactive and heavy metal toxic microparticle hitchhikers
  5. Airborne Red Tide and Blue Green Algae Toxins and Irritants
This is How SmartVentilation is Different:

Radon Mitigation

Mitigating radon to pass a two day test is really easy.

If all you want is a piece of paper that says that radon is below 4.0 picoCuries per liter, then select any radon mitigation firm.

But a Daisy Ductless Premium System will deliver these extras at no additional cost?

  • A powerful MERV 14-15 filter that is the equivalent of an N95 mask for all of the fresh air entering your home AND needs service only every 18-24 months.
  • Super-Clean Fresh Air delivered into your Breathing Zone, 95% Free & Clear of Outdoor Asthma and Allergy Triggers, Pollen, Mold Spores, Red Tide and Blue Green Algae toxic Particles, PM2.5 and Toxic Heavy Metal Particles, Smoke, Soot, Bacteria and Viruses.
  • Fully automatic indoor relative humidity control from radon system  operation for mold prevention
  • EZ adjust radon level using a jeweler’s screwdriver
  • EZ Plug ‘n Play installation and service with parts available online

Benefits?? Your Home’s Breathing Zone Can Become a Sanctuary of Good Health 😊

  1. Keep radon and radon daughter toxins out of your family’s lungs
  2. Reductions in  asthma and allergy triggers 
  3. Filter removal of red tide and blue-green algae neurotoxins and irritants before they can enter your  home’s breathing zone
  4. Improved cognitive function Harvard School of Public Health, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  5. Improved sleep; CO2 can “make you stupid”
  6. Possible delay of onset of Alzheimer’s by decimating delivery of PM2.5 and toxic, heavy metal particle hitchhikers on one-way trips into the brain and heart where they accumulate
  7. Increased breathing zone oxygen level and reduction in carbon dioxide from respiration

Remarkable, But True

The US EPA advises that radon kills about 21,000 Americans each year
Qualified scientists conclude that PM2.5 kills about 200,000 Americans each year.

Filter service from outdoors and from indoors as required by ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2019

SmartVentilation is Different!

Our Research and Development has delivered the following exclusive features in every Daisy Ductless installation:

  1. A custom-manufactured fresh air filter (MERV 14-15) that removes 95% of nearly everything from the added fresh air to keep the bad stuff out of your home and out of your family’s lungs. It is like an N95 Mask for your whole home. And it needs service only every 18-24 months. Since no suitable filter existed, we designed the filter and have it  manufactured in a well-respected filter factory.
  2. An automatic indoor relative humidity controller that will operate the Daisy Ductless so that it does not cause high indoor relative humidity or mold. Radon mitigation will not require you to install a dehumidifier later.
  3. Radon level may be easily adjusted with a jeweler’s screwdriver in seconds. We made it easy so that you can do it yourself. An option is a radon level control with a digital readout that will indicate the Daisy’s airflow in approximate cubic feet per minute for very precise adjustment.
  4. Permitting is time consuming and delivers no benefits. We engineered the Daisy to be exempt from permitting to avoid the delays and costs of permitting. A Daisy may often be installed same-day or next-day. To our knowledge, there is not a single building official who is trained, tested or licensed to inspect and to approve radon mitigation systems in any of Florida’s 67 counties. The counties just collect the money. Some “inspect” by a telephone call.
  5. We do not perform radon testing. We believe it is a conflict of interest for a radon mitigation firm to find radon issues, and to fix them and then to test their own work to prove that they fixed the radon problem that they found. We also believe that it is a conflict of interest for us to pay for a radon clearance test or for us to select the radon testing firm to check whether or  not we mitigated successfully.

We Are Working to Make Your Life Better by Delivering Indoor Air Quality Systems that Will Improve Every Family Member’s Life, and that Everyone Will Continue to Love for Years . . . without regrets

QUESTION- What Technology Will Make That Happen?

ANSWER – SmartVentilation’s Daisy Ductless Fresh Air / Filtration Module will do the following  things for you:

  1. Mitigate Radon and keep it out of your Family’s Lungs

  2. Filter out Pollen and Mold Spores to Eliminate Asthma and Allergy triggers

  3. Filter out Airborne Red Tide and Blue Green Algae Neurotoxin Particles to Prevent them from Poisoning You and your Family, and pets
  4. Filter Out Radioactive and Toxic PM2.5 Particles in the Type III MERV 14-15 Filter to keep them from Poisoning Your Brain and Your Heart to prevent earlier onset of Alzheimer’s and heart issues

  5. Reduce indoor carbon dioxide levels from respiration to improve Cognitive Function by seeking to maintain indoor carbon dioxide levels to around 600 parts per million

  6. Deliver Oxygen-Rich Outdoor Air to  Boost Blood Oxygen Levels AND to Decrease Carbon Dioxide Levels in Your Home’s Breathing Zone.

  7. Constantly monitor indoor relative humidity levels and adjust Daisy operation to prevent mold  and mold-exposure allergic reactions . . . automatically

The Daisy Ductless: An Easy Decision Without Regrets

A Premium Daisy Ductless fresh air module quietly delivering outdoor air through a MERV 14-15 filter. into a kitchen. Variable speed, 5-70 CFM allows radon level adjustment in seconds.

A Premium Daisy Ductless fresh air module quietly delivering outdoor air through a MERV 14-15 filter. into a kitchen. Variable speed, 5-70 CFM allows radon level adjustment in seconds.

A Daisy Ductless Fresh Air / Filtration Module ready to be installed into a 4-12" port in an exterior wall.. The Daisy fits entirely within the exterior wall flush with the drywall inside and with only the air intake grill extending outdoors about 3/4 inch.

What the Daisy Ductless is All About: It is like Fresh Air Magic

This video demonstrats a Daisy Installation Using a Blue Boar Prcision Core Drill Rig

 Our Custom Manufactured MERV 14-15 Filter is Equivalent to an N95 Face Mask all air entering your home through the Daisy Module.



  • Reduced Risk, of Lung Cancer from inhalation of outdoor radioactive PM2.5 particulate
  • Reduction in Asthma and Allergy Triggers
  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Improved Sleep
  • Delayed Onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia?
  • Reduced darkening of walls and furnishings from Soot
  • Reduced house dust

Late March 5, 2021, we received another attempt to gain access to our email. Someone does not want you to know about the advanced features of our Premium Daisy Ductless System.

Stand by. Sunday afternoon March 14, 2021. we will have new, valuable, Radon Mitigation web content that you can rely upon. NO BS from SmartVentilation.

This web and my email have been successfully attacked by a highly-skilled black hat web and email assassin. We lost 142 web pages to his efforts. It appears that the assassin was hired by a well-funded copycat schemer who will soon be offering copies of our Daisy Ductless as if they are his own invention. Apparently he has been hacking and reading our email for months without our knowledge. Perhaps he will treat his customers no better.

The web attack occurred February 17, 2021.

In my opinion, radon issue decision-makers make the best decisions if they are fully informed with true and correct facts.

I do my best to share them with visitors to this web.

And my web at was designed to help decision-makers become fully informed.

My web content is completely gone, but I have begun a most basic rebuild.

Email is still giving me great problems, but it was patched up again yesterday.

I have spent a about 25 hours with IT experts and software specialists since the 17th.

Whoever did it likely paid plenty to cause me the trouble.

The person who did the mischief was highly skilled.

But shortly, I will be fully recovered.


It is not difficult to understand why someone would go to the trouble.

And to commit the crime.

Whoever it was, he just might be desperate or he just might be ruthless.

Until the web is restored, my proposals alone will educate and inform.

The assassin got rid of all this so that you cannot see it:

Radon Mitigation by Daisy Ductless Includes Proven “Fountain of Youth and Good Health” Results


We are 100% committed to a clean indoor air environment, low in Radon, other harmful gasses, microparticulate, and neurotoxins 

Wayne Dean, Founder

Outdoor air often contains millions, sometimes over ten million harmful particles in each and every cubic foot of air. Without a fresh air supply, an energy efficient home is like a gas chamber, building up toxic gas emissions from indoor sources and carbon dioxide from respiration. When we set up shop in Southwest Florida, we hoped to some day be a part of SW Florida’s rich tradition of excellent health. Everyday this aspiration drives us.

The Southwest Florida’s energy binds us together. It drives us to be the best.

This fairly new business, conveniently located in Fort Myers, is where SmartVentilation products are designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and installed.

Radon Mitigation, Super-Clean Fresh Air

A Premium Daisy Ductless fresh air module quietly delivering outdoor air through a MERV 14-15 filter. into a kitchen. Variable speed, 5-70 CFM allows radon level adjustment in seconds.
Fully Automatic humidity controller prevents high indoor relative humidity and mold

A SmartVentilation Air Intake Assembly Also offered as a retrofit kit to replace homemade air intake filter installations

Custom designed / manufactured MERV 14-15 fresh air intake filter kit. Equivalent to an N95 mask for the air entering your home Service evrey 18-24 months

Filter exchange is quick and easy. Air ducts stay clean for years and years.

Compare Filters

Polyester fluff cut with scissors from a big roll. MERV unrated, but likely MERV 2-3 . Requires service every 60-90 days. Unless the rabbit cage wire grille is installed, dirty filters are often sucked into the radon fan where they do damage and are tedious to remove.
Cone-shaped Type III MERV 14-15 filter designed by SmartVenttilation and manufacutred of premium components in a modern air filterr factory. MERV 14-15. Compare to Hog's Hair filter on left and Plyester fluff filter on right.

Compare Humidity Control and Radon Level Control

The SmartVentilation Indoor Relative Humidity “Smart” Controller showing the humidity sensing element and a jeweler’s screwdriver adjusting the radon level. This controller constantly senses indoor relative humidity and automatically operates the Daisy to prevent high  indoor relative humidity and mold. This “Smart” device accurately measures indoor relative humidity second by second and acts as needed, automatically. SmartVentilation designed and manufactures this controller in Fort Myers, FL.

A Table Lamp Timer commonly used by others in an attempt to prevent high indoor relative humidity and mold. Mold is prevented by predicting indoor relative humidity over the year and then adjusting 48 little tabs to turn the radon system on and off automatically, hoping that indoor relative humidity will not rise high enough to create mold issues. This device has no idea what indoor relative humidity actually is. This table lamp timer is also the means of adjusting the radon level by setting and resetting 48 little tabs (grey)

Somebody Doesn't Want You to Know . . .