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This web is for Home Buyers who have encountered a Radon Issue in south Florida

Even in brand new homes

  1. If  you like the home or condo, go ahead and buy it

  2. Radon can always be fixed

  3. The reason the home has radon is that Fresh Air Systems were almost never installed until a new Law made fresh air  mandatory. But unfortunately a few builders still choose to use a loophole and save a few dollars by leaving out the fresh air system or by installing a cheap, primitive system. Logic? Most homebuyers are uninformed, don’t test for radon and won’t know.

  4. But for YOU, the BUYER, SmartVentilation can add the precisely correct amount of fresh air to fix the radon can and make sure “radon fountains” are sealed!

  5. Additional Benefit? Adding clean, correct fresh air will improve  your family’s health, sleep and cognitive function, (reduced allergies, asthma, improved decision-making)




To Get all of the BENEFITS, make sure you select a radon system that includes

ESSENTIAL: A long-life, high performance filter good for 18-24 months, (factory made)

Not a homemade piece of fluff that requires service every 60-90 days

ESSENTIAL: A high MERV filter that removes toxic red tide and blue green algae toxins, pollen, mold spores, PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, soot, smoke

ESSENTIAL: An automatic, digital Temperature / Humidity controller to keep the brealthing zone dry, to prevent mold and to maintain occupant comfort)

SmartVentilation’s electronic Temperature / Humidity controller can be set to keep the breathing zone dry, comfortable and mold free no matter what the outdoor weather may be.

ESSENTIAL: An accurate, easy-to-adjust and precise radon level control

Fine-tuning radon levels is easy and quick with SmartVentilation’s Radon Level control.
A jeweler’s screwdrver is inserted into a small hole. Turning the control clockwise will reduce radon by increasing system airflow. Turning the screw counter-clockiwse will reduce ventilation rate. The digital radon meter will assure adjustment accuracy.

  1. OPTIONAL: a CO2 controller to keep indoor carbon dioxide at around 600 parts per milion for improved sleep and cognitive function

ESSENTIAL: A 24/7 radon level meter.will allow you to:

  1. To fine-tune your radon system performance
  2. To advise you on a daily basis how your radon system is performing
  3. To warn you immediately if things go wrong.
  4. To let  you know to call your radon mitigator for service.

Filter Service? . . . Not Every 60-90 days

A Radon Mitigation / Fresh Air Filter System Your Family Won’t Stop Loving And won’t get tired of servicing

  • MERV 14-15 air cleaning
  • 18-24 months service life
  • Designed by Wayne Dean
  • Manufactured and installed by SmartVentilation, Inc.

We created the Type III cone-shaped filter system to replace the primitive, homemade filters that are so common. To our knowledge, some of our competitors are still installing only the ancient design “fluff” filter that must be serviced every 60-90 days instead of every 18-24 months. (Or they don’t install a filter at all)

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The true value of a filtered fresh air intake system isn’t measured by how well it functions but by how well it enables YOU to function: unburdened by allergens, dust, smoke, noise, radon, neurotoxins that cause ALS, dementia, harmful micro-particulate from automobiles, and industry. You will think more clearly in fresh, oxygen-rich air than you will in CO2-contaminated air. Feel better, sleep better, be more alert. Improve decision making. Feel more alive!


A Humidity Controller to prevent mold and moldy odors as well as occupant discomfort from high indoor relative humidity

Designed by Wayne Dean, manufactured and installed by SmartVentilation. Available to all radon mitigators and HVAC professionals in the USA

Humidity Control?

Radon Level?

Wayne Dean Designed this Indoor rrelative humidity / temperature controller now manufactured by SmartVentilation. It also includes a super-easy radon level adjustment feature. All it takes to set the radon level with precision is a small jeweler’s screwdriver and a radon meter (highly recommended)..

This SmartVentilation SMART controller will deliver the dry, mold -free and comfortable indoor environment that a costly ERV promises but cannot deliver. And it will do so at a much, much lower cost. ERVs are not dehumidifiers.

In many, if not most cases, this SMART humidity controller will make a dehumidifier an unnecessary addition to a mechanical ventilation radon system. And it will do so at a much, much lower cost.

RADON If you are a home buyer in south Florida and you have encountered a radon issue RELAX. You are in the right place to learn what you need to know.

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Traffic fatalities in Collier County average about 52 per year. Lung cancer averages about 254 per year. Lung cancer is usually fatal because it is rarely discovered before it reaches stage IV and is almost untreatable

Radon is surprisingly common in South Florida, especially in high rise and low rise apartment buildings.

If a real estate pro tells you that radon is uncommon in south Florida, you should consider hiring a different real estate sales pro. And if he tells you that you don’t even need to test for radon , . . High Rises may have radon on every floor!

If a radon measurement “expert” finds radon and does not give you the names of at least three radon mitigators or that the list does not include the name SmartVentilation in the list of three or more, you may want to find a new radon “expert.”  Perhaps you should ask the “expert” why he do not want you to know about SmartVentilation.

It is not uncommon that a few radon measurement “experts” demand kickbacks from radon mitigators as a condition of  making referrals. One giant radon / mold measurement individual claims to have performed tens of thousands of radon and mold measurements, and he also brags that he has never referred a single radon issue client to a radon business operated by Wayne Dean.
And it is true, He never has.  NOT EVEN ONCE
To see his claim, scroll to the bottom of his web page.   or See Block Quote  immediately below:

"Naples Consumers should know: WallRadon Testing, Inc., Radon and Mold Professionals is not now associated with, nor ever have been associated with Wayne Dean, Radon Man Inc.  Radon and Mold Professionals does not now or in the past or in the future conduct any business with Radonman Inc., Wayne Dean & Associates."  

Doug Wall Radon & Mold Professionals

Radon Everywhere? In South Florida, we have learned that elevated radon can appear in any building, on any floor, even penthouses of high rise buildings. Most remarkably, the highest radon level we  have encountered was a level of over 33 picoCuries in the 23rd floor penthouse of a high rise in Naples, FL. Radon is  surprisingly common in south Florida multi-housing condos and apartments.

How? How did radon get there? We learned that most radon was emitted from the porous concrete blocks that were used to build the exterior walls. The emitted radon collected within the wall cavities between the blocks and the interior drywall. We also learned that it was then forcefully transported from those radon “reservoirs” and into the breathing zone by operation of the air conditioning system.

The Solutions in South Florida? 

  1. Dilution with outdoor fresh air (humidity/mold risky)
  2. Pressurization of the breathing zone (humidity/mold risky)
  3. Direct extraction of radon from the wall cavities where it accumulates ASAPDB
  4. Micropressure management of unintentional air-flows within the building’s matrix

Now you know that concrete blocks are the major radon contributor, and you know why Sub Slab Depressurization that works so well elsewhere works  poorly, if at all, in south Florida. Most Radon comes out of the concrete block walls, not out of the ground


Contrary to what some radon mitigation “Experts” may tell you, permits are rarely required for installation of a Daisy Ductless Radon / Fresh air System. Result? Quick completion. No permit application, no permitting delays, no permitting costs, no permitting re-inspection delays. All because of SmartVentilation’s successful, careful engineering and design.

The Daisy Ductless System was designed and engineered to be exempt from permitting.  It is low voltage “Plug ‘n Play,” to save permit fees, to eliminate permit application paperwork, scheduling and  re-inspection delays and inconveniences. Often, a Daisy System may be installed immediately following payment of deposit.

What kind of Radon System Fresh Air Intake Filter will you accept to keep your family’s lungs clean?

MERV 14-15 Factory Made?


MERV 2-3 HomeMade?

Automobile Manufacturers make sure that your car’s engine breathes air through an excellent air-cleaning filter

Why? So that the engine will last longer. Inhaling Dirt is bad for engines. Would you remove the air filter and drive for even a week without the engine air filter? To run your car without an air filter just doesn’t make sense, does it? Smart?

Shouldn’t your family’s lungs breathe even cleaner air than your car’s engine?

Your family spends about 90% of its time indoors. A good fresh air filter for your  home will give them the clean air protection you already give your car’s engine. Doesn’t that make good sense for everybody’s lungs? Keep the dirt out of the breathing zone? Smart

Why not insist on a filter that will remove 95% of smoke, red tide particles, outdoor air allergins, contaminants and toxins before they can come into your home? . . . and into your family’s lungs?

A MERV 14-15 filter can do it. Pollen, mold spores, smoke, PM2.5, soot, viruses, bacteria, airborne red tide and blue green algae particles, etc. Smart

SmartVentilation Type III Cone fresh air intake filter MERV 14-15 (18-24 months) service from indoors. Smoke effective

You home can have a factory-made MERV 14-15 filter (95% particle removal) that is easy to service and keeps the air in your home’s breathing zone clean for 18-48 months

A factory-made, high capacity filter of excellent material needs service only every 18-48 months, not every 60-90 days. Why settle for less? Smart

SmartVenttilation Type II fresh air intake filter MERV 13-14 (24-48 months) external, service from outdoors. Smoke effective

Why not insist on a quick, simple way to adjust the radon level in seconds?

With most radon mitigation systems, properly adjusting the radon level is very complicated and is acomplished by burdensome trial and error!

RESULT?  most systems are set to deliver excessive amounts of hot, humid outdoor air to ensure that the home passes the post mitigation clearance test. Most installations are never tuned to deliver the correct airflow rate. If the installer can’t do it, how can you expect the homeowner to do it?

An improperly tuned radon system can easily double an electric bill and create new, serious, unhealthy and costly high humidity and mold problems in this hot, humid climate.

Why not be able to adjust the radon level by turning a little screw with a jeweler’s screwdriver?

You can do it in seconds. Turn the little screw 1/4 turn or more to the right to reduce radon, back to the left to reduce ventilation. Simple, quick, accurate and effective. Smart

Humidity Controller Wall plate with sensor in black. and microprocessor / speed controller on backside.  See following image displaying breathing zone’s temperature and humidity measurements in real time.  Correct adjustment is super-easy with an electronic radon meter to aid in reaching a correct setting Smart

Why have to set the radon level  by guessing/fumbling with 24-48 on/off tabs on a 24 hour rotating dial

Table lamp timers were designed to turn a table lamp or Christmas tree on at dusk and off at bed time. How does that relate to indoor radon levels? Is a table lamp timer acceptable to protect against the risk of lung cancer? or Mold? NOT SMART

A table lamp timer has no temperature or humidity awareness. It only keeps track of time and operates according to a time schedule. In this image, you can see that some of the tabs are depressed. How does a person know which ones or how  many to depress?

Why not have an automatic humidity / mold prevention system that measures humidity and keeps it below 60% instead of just guessing at what it might be?

Why not use an electronic controller that accurately measures and controls indoor relative humidity? Automatically

An electronic humidity controller actually measures humidity minute-by-minute and then operates the radon system to to prevent high indoor humidity discomfort, mold and moldy odors? Changes in weather or season? No Problem. AUTOMATIC – you don’t have to do anything. Smart

With an automatic humidity controller, the need for a dehumidifier is greatly reduced if not eliminated

The controller is part of the SmartVentilation mold-prevention package at no additional cost

Backside of humidity / temperature controller in operation, constantly monitoring temperature and humidity and ensuring that the Daisy or Red Zephyr does not create high humidity,  mold risky conditions.

Why try to use one table lamp timer to control both radon level and indoor relative humidity?

How can a table lamp timer know when indoor relative humidity is too high (above 60%) or when mold-favorable conditions are occurring? Changes in weather and season?  Unplug the thing and start fumbling with the 24 or 48 OFF/ON tabs, guessing again. Or just giving up and unplugging the radon system and leaving it off. (What usually happens.) NOT SMART


Table Lamp Timers are usually installed behind a removable ceiling panel. Inconvenient as well as difficult to adjust. “Guess and Hope”

Why not insist on a system that automatically turns itself on when you are home and automatically turns itself off when you are gone? (Optional)

Minimized Risk A burglar alarm-type sensor will know when you are  home, and a microprocessor will operate the radon/fresh air system for you. When you are gone, it will turn itself off after a pre-set delay of 24-60 hours. Smart

RISKY A light switch allows you to turn the system on when you are home and off when you are gone. Just don’t forget to turn it off  when you leave or you may return to a mold-infested home. Read and understand the mitigator’s claim that he is not responsible if you have a  mold problem. even though his installation created the mold damage. (A Lawyer will disagree with his claim) NOT SMART

You can have an electronic radon meter that tells you what your radon exposure is at all times, and which gives an immediate alarm if your radon system fails? Why not? (An after-clearance test Option delivered by mail)

An electronic, digital radon meter

It will keep you informed of what your actual radon exposure is. It will also sound an audible alarm if your radon exposure exceeds 4.0 picoCuries per liter, the US EPA Action Level. Smart

Image to right: OFF/ON by light switch, “90 day filter service required” “MOLD DAMAGE MAY OCCUR”, denial of liability for mold. “You didn’t turn the switch off.”  Blue oil-filled pressure gauges should be outlawed for mechanical ventilation systems. 

A blue oil-filled pressure gauge, OFF/ON light switch

It will tell you that your radon fan is running. But if airflow stops because the filter is loaded with dirt, it will give you false highest performance reading even if radon is not being reduced at all. WITHOUT WARNING. NOT SMART

SmartVentilation strongly suggests the benefits of inclusion of a CO2 controller in each radon / mechanical ventilation system

Carbon Dioxide Buildup / Exposure

Folks and pets exhale a lot of carbon dioxide as they breathe. In tight, energy-efficient  homes without mechanical ventilation systems, carbon dioxide can build up above 2000 parts per million and higher. Overnight, in a bedroom, carbon dioxide may approach 3000 parts per million.

After July 1, 2017, the Florida Building Code requires all newly-permitted homes to have mechanical ventilation systems installed unless they are actually tested and found to be built to lower standards and are air leaky.

What do scientists tell us about breathing high levels of carbon dioxide?

As carbon dioxide levels rise above 600 parts per million, both brain function and sleep are increasingly impaired
In an automobile, with air system set to recirculate, and two passengers, carbon dioxide can rise to over 3000 parts per million within 9 minutes.
Driver impairment equivalent to alcohol consumption?
Recently, one high-end automobile manufacturer (also Hyundai Genesis) has begun to include a carbon dioxide sensor in the cabin and forces fresh air ventilation as CO2 rises above 600 ppm or higher, to prevent cognitive function impairment. The same manufacturer is also installing high MERV-rated fresh air filters to provide cabin occupants with clean air without the dreaded PM2.5 particulate in vehicle exhausts.
An electronic chip manufacturer now offers a CO2 sensor to operate fresh air ventilation systems in automobiles and trucks. This writer believes that legislation may soon require such CO2 controlled systems and filtration in all motor vehicles as a basic safety requirement to prevent impaired driving.
An accident with driver error resulting from elevated CO2 may well become “red meat” for negligence attorneys. Hyundai and Mercedes are already aware of potential lawsuits for impaired driving.

All SmartVentilation systems (Daisy Ductless, Red Zephyr) are designed to accept the output of SmartVentilation’s IAQ controller. Both the Daisy and the Red Zephyr will maintain an indoor carbon dioxide level of around 600 parts per million in a home of up to 2000 square feet  with 4 occupants. And mitigate radon too.

A Daisy Ductless installation. The Daisy is 9.25 inches long including internal Type III filter and installs FLUSH with the drywall surface. SEE Installation and filter exchange. Experience has revealed that it is much better to introduce and to temper the fresh air in a large room than to dump it into a very small air handler closet where condensation is rampant. Replacement of moist, mushy drywall in an air handler closet is burdensome, difficult and expensive. There is a better way.

SmartVentilation’s IAQ controller can analyze temperature, humidity, VOCs and CO2. It may be directly connected to a Daisy Ductless or a Red Zephyr air mover to deliver the precisely correct amount of fresh air minute-by-minute. Usually without need to install a new dehumidification system.

A ducted installation with soffit constructed to conceal the added duct. This duct is likely carrying hot,  humid outdoor air to be dumped into a small, chilled air handler closet.  I have seen an installation with this hot, humid air ducted into a clothes closet with a solid door. Can you imagine the moldy clothes had the owner/seller not immediately turned the radon system off and left it off? With the closet door open, the installation easily passed a short two day clearance test but was immediately turned off. The buyer had no clue.

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