Radon Mitigation by SmartVentilation

Radon Mitigation by Daisy Ductless Includes Proven “Fountain of Youth and Good Health” Results


We are 100% committed to a clean indoor air environment, low in Radon, other harmful gasses, microparticulate, and neurotoxins 

Wayne Dean, Founder

Outdoor air often contains millions, sometimes over ten million harmful particles in each and every cubic foot of air. Without a fresh air supply, an energy efficient home is like a gas chamber, building up toxic gas emissions from indoor sources and carbon dioxide from respiration. When we set up shop in Southwest Florida, we hoped to some day be a part of SW Florida’s rich tradition of excellent health. Everyday this aspiration drives us.

The Southwest Florida’s energy binds us together. It drives us to be the best.

This fairly new business, conveniently located in Fort Myers, is where SmartVentilation products are designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and installed.

Radon Mitigation, Super-Clean Fresh Air

A Premium Daisy Ductless fresh air module quietly delivering outdoor air through a MERV 14-15 filter. into a kitchen. Variable speed, 5-70 CFM allows radon level adjustment in seconds.
Fully Automatic humidity controller prevents high indoor relative humidity and mold

Custom designed / manufactured MERV 14-15 fresh air intake filter kit. Equivalent to an N95 mask forthe air entering your home Service evrey 18-24 months

Filter exchange is quick and easy. Air ducts stay clean for years and years.

Polyester fluff cut with scissors from a big roll. MERV unrated, but likely MERV 2-3 . Requires service every 60-90 days
Cone-shaped Type III filter designed by SmartVenttilation and manufacutred of premium components in a modern air filterr factory. MERV 14-15