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What kind of Air Filter are you going to get?

MERV 14-15?      or      MERV 2-4?   or   No  Filter at all?

Factory Made? 18-48 month?  Homemade? 60-90 days?

Your car’s engine has an excellent air-cleaning filter

Why? So that the engine only breaths clean air and lasts longer. Would you remove the air filter and drive for months without a good engine air filter? To run your car without an air filter just does’nt make sens, does it? Smart

Shouldn’t your family’s lungs have clean air too?

Your family spends about 90% of its time indoors. A good fresh air filter for your  home will give them the clean air protection you already give your car’s engine.

Why not insist on a filter that will remove 95% of outdoor air allergins, contaminants and toxins before they can come into your home? . . . and into your family’s lungs?

A MERV 14-15 filter can do it. Pollen, mold spores, smoke, PM2.5, soot, viruses, bacteria, airborne red tide and blue green algae particles, etc. Smart

You home can have a factory-made MERV 14-15 filter (95% removal) that is easy to service and keeps the air in your home’s breathing zone clean for 18-48 months

A factory-made, high capacity filter of excellent material needs service only every 18-48 months, not every 60-90 days. Why settle for less? Smart

Why not insist on a quick, simple way to adjust the radon level in seconds?

Why not be able to adjust the radon level by turning a little screw with a jeweler’s screwdriver?

You can do it in seconds. Turn the little screw 1/4 turn to the right to reduce radon, back to the left to reduce ventilation. Simple, quick and effective. Smart

Why have to set the radon level  by guessing/fumbling with 24-48 on/off tabs on a 24 hour rotating dial

Table lamp timers were designed to turn a table lamp or Christmas tree on at dusk and off at bed time. How does that relate to indoor radon levels? NOT SMART

Why not have an automatic humidity / mold prevention system that measures humidity and keeps it below 60% instead of just guessing at what it might be?

Why not use an electronic controller that accurately measures indoor relative humidity? Automatically

An electronic humidity controller actually measures humidity minute-by-minute and then operates the radon system to to prevent high indoor humidity discomfort, mold and moldy odors? Changes in weather or season? No Problem. AUTOMATIC – you don’t have to do anything. Smart

Backside of humidity controller

Why try to use one table lamp timer to control both radon level and indoor relative humidity?

How can a table lamp timer know when indoor relative humidity is too high (above 60%) or when moldy conditions are occurring? Changes in weather and season?  Unplug the thing and start fumbling with the 24 or 48 OFF/ON tabs again. Or just switch the radon system off and leave it off. (What usually happens.)

Why not insist on a system that automatically turns itself on when you are home and automatically turns itself off when you are gone?

A burglar alarm-type sensor will know when you are  home, and a microprocessor will operate the radon/fresh air system for you. When you are gone, it will turn itself off after a pre-set delay of 24-60 hours. Smart

A light switch allows you to turn the system on when you are home and off when you are gone. Just don’t forget to turn it off  when you leave or you may return to a mold-infested home. Read the mitigator’s claim that he is not responsible if you have a  mold problem. NOT SMART

You can have an electronic radon meter that tells you what your radon exposure is at all times, and which gives an immediate alarm if your radon system fails? Why not?

An electronic, digital radon meter

It will keep you informed of what your actual radon exposure is. It will also sound an audible alarm if your radon exposure exceeds 4.0 picoCuries per liter, the US EPA Action Level. Smart

Image to right: OFF/ON by light switch, “90 day filter service required” “MOLD DAMAGE MAY OCCUR”, denial of liability for mold. Blue oil-filled pressure gauge.

A blue oil-filled pressure gauge, OFF/ON light switch

It will tell you that your radon fan is running. But if airflow stops because the filter is loaded with dirt, it will give you the highest performance reading even if radon is  not being reduced at all. NO WARNING. NOT SMART

SmartVentilation strongly suggests the inclusion of a CO2 controller in each radon / mechanical ventilation system

Carbon Dioxide Buildup

Folks and pets exhale a lot of carbon dioxide as they breathe. In tight, energy-efficient  homes without mechanical ventilation systems, carbon dioxide can build up above 2000 parts per million and higher. Over night, in a bedroom, carbon dioxide may approach 3000 parts per million.

Since July 1, 2017, the Florida Building Code requires all new homes to have mechanical ventilation systems installed unless they are built to be air leaky.

What do scientists tell us about breathing high levels of carbon dioxide?

As carbon dioxide levels rise above 600 parts per million, both brain function and sleep are increasingly impaired
In an automobile, with air system set to recirculate, and two passengers, carbon dioxide can rise to over 3000 parts per  million within 9 minutes. Impairment of driving equivalent to alcohol consumption?
Recently, one automobile manufacturer includes a carbon dioxide sensor in the cabin and forces fresh air ventilation as CO2 rises above 600 ppm.
An electronic chip manufacturer has begun to offer a CO2 sensor to operate ventilation systems in automobiles and trucks.

All SmartVentilation systems (Daisy Ductless, Red Zephyr) are designed to accept the output of SmartVentilation’s IAQ controller. Both air movers will maintain an indoor carbon dioxide level of around 600 parts per million in a home of up to 2000 square feet  with 4 occupants. And mitigate radon too.

SmartVentilation’s IAQ controller analyzes temperature, humidity, VOCs and CO2. It may be directly connected to a Daisy Ductless or a Red Zephyr air mover to deliver the precisely correct amount of fresh air  minute-by-minute. Usually without the need for a new dehumidification system.

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