Superior Radon Mitigation

Isn’t it curious how folks seek to avoid eating and drinking toxins, but most folks pay little attention to inhaling airborne toxins? Unless, of course, they immediately start coughing.

Easy Radon Adjustment is Good.

Confidence in Radon Reduction is Good.

With SmartVentilation it’s always easy to adjust the radon level. All you need is a jeweler’s screwdriver to fit into the small hole. A digital radon meter (pictured below) will help you do it with good accuracy. (No Guesswork)

An electronic radon meter with digital readout and audible alarm is good for radon level adjustment and for continuing, long term confidence in protecting your family from Radon.

If radon protection fails, wouldn’t you want to know it immediately?

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SmartVentilatin has found these Safety Siren Pro Series 3 radon meters to provide accurate radon level reporting and reliable alarm operation.

Clean Air Is Good.

New automobiles are always delivered with a first-class engine air filter. . . SMART

Manufacturers know that without an air filter, an engine will inhale dirt and wear out much more quickly. . .  NOT SMART

(Would you run your car without an air filter?)

SmartVentilation thinks it is a good idea to install a first class fresh air filter with each radon system . . . SMART

SmartVentilation knows that without a first class  fresh air filter your family will be inhaling outdoor PM2.5 carrying heavy metal hitch-hikers, pollen, mold spores, soot, smoke, viruses, bacteria. red tide and blue/green algae particles. . . NOT SMART

The Washington Post  Check it out. 

Don’t you agree that your family’s lungs deserve a no-compromise air filter even more than your car’s engine does?

SmartVentilation's Wonderful Triple A Filters:

Type I Lotus HEPA Filter
Removes 99.97% of Everything Breathing zone air is Super, Super Clean Lasts 24-48 months
Type III Internal Filter (cone)
Super High Performance MERV 14-17 filter material, lasts 18-24 months
Type II External Filter
MERV 13-14 filter material Lasts 24-48 months

SmartVentilation thinks it is a good idea to use a MERV 14-15, first class, long life air filter. . .  You can choose a factory-made filter good for 18-48 months instead of a homemade MERV 2-4 filter that must be serviced  every 60-90 days? 

Don’t you Agree that your family deserves a Triple A filter?

Low Humidity in the Breathing Zone is Good.

SmartVentilation thinks it is a good idea to install an automatic SMART temperature/indoor relative humidity controller . . . Don’t you agree?

Automatic operation 24/7/365 will keep a breathing zone dry, comfortable and mold-free

Don’t you agree that your home deserves an active mold prevention system?

Mold loves moisture. Scientists warn that relative humidity above 60% supports mold and moldy odors.

Fully Automatic OFF/ON Operation is Good.

SmartVentilation thinks it is a good idea to have SMART automatic radon system on/off operation. That way you won’t have to remember to turn the sysem off when you leave for a week or longer and back on when you return. . . Don’t you agree?

A burglar alarm-type PIR sensor will know when you are home and when you are gone. Automatically.

Low Carbon Dioxide in the Breathing Zone is Good.

More and more, Scientists are telling us that if we can keep carbon dioxide around 600 parts per million in our breathing zones, our cognitive function will improve remarkably and we will enjoy better sleep

A carbon dioxide controller can tell our fresh air system to deliver the proper amount of fresh air for us to enjoy the benefits. . . That is, if our system includes a variable speed Daisy Ductless or a Red Zephyr fan.

Single speed fans just won’t do. They almost always over-ventilate with hot, humid air. NOT GOOD

Improvements in Cognitive Function and in Sleep are Good Surprises.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers reveal that lowered exposure to indoor carbon dioxide will improve cognitive function substantially

Researchers at Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health find that lowering carbon dioxide exposure to 600 ppm will increase cognitive function and improve sleep.

CO2 can be maintained at about 600 parts per  million with a SmartVentilation Carbon Dioxide Controller and either a Daisy Ductless or a Red Zephyr variable speed air delivery module. NICE

In a bedroom, CO2 levels can rise to 2000 parts per million and in some cases approach 3000 parts per million overnight.

Designed and Manufactured by SmartVentilation:

Daisy Ductless variable speed air delivery module needs no ducts, installs completely within exterior wall, even including the Type III MERV 14-15 filter that removes about 95% of almost everything including SMOKE. Quiet. Installs quick from INDOORS in high rise residences. (With SmartVentilation’s Blue Boar rig, on any floor) Designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation, Inc.

Red Zephyr variable speed fan

RED ZEPHYR: We wanted a fan that could deliver an adjustable rate of 5 to 100 cfm of air. None were available, so we developed a NASA-grade low voltage ECM motor with variable speed that could be accurately controlled by a CO2 controller and/or relative humidity/temperature controller. NICE.

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