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Radon Mitigation of Upper Floor MultiFamily Housing Is Easy with Compartmentalization and Installation of Pressurization/Dilution/Filtration Modules

A Humidity Controller Will Automatically Prevent Mold

Your humidity controller will keep your home dry. It keeps moist air outdoors. Dry outdoor air is welcome. Indoor humidity below 60% prevents mold. Your air conditioner will work even better. You will not need to install a dehumidifier.

SmartVentilation Master Control Panel
SmartVentilation Master Control Panel

The best humidity controller may be easily adjusted, but tamper resistant. Pushbuttons are preferred. A digital readout is easy to read and accurate.

The Green Digits at -0.00- tell us that no outdoor air is being added. When filtered fresh air is being delivered, the meter will tell us approximately how many cubic feet per minute are being added into the Breathing Zone.

Humidity Controller
Humidity control circuits

The Humidity Controller measures indoor relative humidity second-by-second, and it suspends ventilation if indoor relative humidity rises above a pre-set 59.9%. The controller restores ventilation within seconds when indoor relative humidity drops below 60%.

However, the humidity controller cannot compensate for a failing or failed air conditioner.

Wayne Dean

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