SmartVentilation's Indoor Air Quality Solution Kits

Radon Mitigation of Upper Floor MultiFamily Housing Is Easy with Compartmentalization and Installation of Pressurization/Dilution/Filtration Modules

A Bit of History “Radon Mitigation in South Florida.”

We Perfected the Daisy Over Many Years of Testing, Research, and Development. 

And when you Compare It to Others, you will agree, "We got it RIGHT."

The Five Features

Our Type III High Performance MERV 14-15 Filter Set a New Standard In Fresh Air Filtration

SmartVentilation’s Type III Filter

We were unable to find a filter that we would want to install on our Mothers’ homes, so we designed one that did not require frequent maintenance and was rated at MERV 14-15 which means it removes about 95+ of nearly everything.

For 18 -24 months – Renew it by washing in your dishwasher.

Wayne Dean

Residential and classroom Environmental Optimization