Daisy Deuce

Daisy Deuce Ventilation Retrofit Module

Do you see an Existing Fresh Air Duct Stub Located In Air Handler Closet?

If so, A Daisy Deuce will attach to this stub in minutes to power and to filter fresh air.

A variable speed Deuce may be adjusted to make radon go away without creating mold risk. Electronic humidity control.

Includes an integral MERV 14, 12-24 month filter cartridge that may be exchanged in seconds, without tools

Daisy Deuce will meet ASHRAE 62.2-2019, IBC and IMC 403.3.2.1

The Radon Mitigation Daisy Deuce is a compact air mover/filtration module for quick, simple installation on existing fresh air ducts in new construction and as a retrofit, especially helpful in the event new construction is troubled by Radon Issues

Complete a Daisy Deuce installation in less than 45 minutes; the Daisy Deuce will meet the following in single family and individual units in multifamily buildings:

  • Florida Building Code
  • ASHRAE Ventilation Standards including 62.2-2019 that requires filter service from indoors
  • USEPA Fresh Air Filtration Recommendations
  • It has been designed to meet all likely future ventilation requirements including automatic indoor relative humidity, temperature and CO2 control as well as PM2.5 exposure
  • The Deuce will not require preconditioning of fresh air in either hot, humid or heating climates (No dehumidifier necessary)

Passive Ventilation has been creating serious mold problems for many years. Here is a video from many years ago. Passive, Concealed, radon systems have caused massive mold problems in a number of south Florida properties for years. Unsurprisingly, the mitigator who installed hundreds of passive radon systems quickly became certified to become a highly successful mold remediator,  and not too long after that, he became licensed to install dehumidifiers and ERVs.

The new  Daisy Deuce will prevent this sorry result with 100% reliability

Concealed, passive fresh air radon systems were being installed in 2010 and are still being installed today. BUT the radon mitigators have learned a trick that works to prevent mold. It is A TRICK!