Radon Mitigation in MultiHousing by Focused Extraction

Radon often accumulates in "Radon Reservoirs" from which it may be extracted before it may be transported into a dwelling unit's Breathing Zone

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A Brainy Classroom Module Will Improve Student and Teacher Academic Performance, Health, and Attendance in Almost Any Classroom

Federal Funding $189,000,000.00,

Generous FPL Rebates

Reduced Energy Consumption Savings

Quick, Effective, Super-Easy

What is a Brainy Module?

A Brainy Module is an air delivery/filtration device that easily mounts on an exterior classroom wall over a prepared 7″ hole. The device will deliver a flow of HEPA-filtered air through the port at an automatically controlled rate from 20 to over 400 cubic feet per minute as required. It is a simple solution to an otherwise complicated and expensive alternative.

How Can a Brainy Classroom Module Benefit Your Students and Teachers?

  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Improve Health, Reduce Illness
  • Improve Attendance
  • Improve Comfort

All Experts Agree that clean, oxygen-rich fresh air is important for good health and optimum cognitive function for young and old.

Humans, even children, respire massive amounts of carbon dioxide even at rest. Unless there is a steady supply of fresh air, carbon dioxide can accumulate in classroom breathing zones to levels that cause discomfort, sleepiness, and reduce cognitive function. It is not uncommon that energy-efficient classrooms may see carbon dioxide levels approach and exceed 4,000 parts per million when fully occupied.

Outdoor air is commonly polluted with smoke, pollen, PM2.5 carrying toxic heavy metal and radioactive particle hitchhikers, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, soot, and sometimes valley fever spores, red tide, and blue-green algae neurotoxic particles, all of which are allowed to enter into school classrooms where they are inhaled into student’s lungs, and because they are so small, many easily pass through lung tissue and into the bloodstream to be distributed and to accumulate in internal organs. Passing them into the lungs may be far more harmful than swallowing them.

How Can We Keep That Bad Stuff Out of Classrooms and Keep It Out of Our Students’ Lungs, Blood Streams, Bone Marrow, Hearts, and Brains?

It is Easy

Filter the Fresh Air That Enters the Classroom Through a HEPA Filter That Will Remove 99.97% of The Bad Stuff Before It Comes Into the Classroom’s Breathing Zone.

Isn’t That Being Done Already? No. Filtration of Classroom fresh air is worse than uncommon. Filtration of classroom fresh air through a HEPA filter is unheard of. Until Now.


  1. By keeping students and teachers breathing super-clean HEPA-filtered fresh, outdoor air in that particular classroom. Clean air is healthier Far Exceed US EPA filtration recommendations of MERV 13
  2. By maintaining occupied classroom CO2 levels around 600 parts per million by instantly and precisely varying fresh air delivery rates according to how many students and teachers are in the classroom minute-by-minute. A Carbon Dioxide Controller will measure indoor CO2 levels minute by minute and adjust the Brainy Module’s fresh air delivery rate within seconds to maintain a target level of 600 ppm. CO2 levels of around 600 ppm optimize cognitive performance Meet ASHRAE Standards
  3. By installing Demand Control Ventilation (CO2) to minimize ventilation, heating, and cooling to reduce energy consumption. 
  4. “Why Haven’t We Made It Safer to Breathe in Classrooms?” 
  5. High-efficiency split systems operate more energy efficiently and operate only to the extent needed when the classroom is occupied.
  6. FPL pays generous incentives for the installation of DCV.
  7. Federal funds are available NOW.


  1. ISOLATE: Individual classrooms as separate environmental compartments by individually heating, cooling, and ventilating each classroom as a separate compartment. This means separating the classroom from the whole school HVAC system. RESULT? The whole school need not be heated and cooled when only one classroom is occupied.
  2. VENTILATE: The Brainy Module will deliver the precisely correct, variable amount of oxygen-rich, HEPA filtered, fresh air required for the number of occupants present to maintain around 600 parts per million of CO2 for up to 35 students and teachers. RESULT? Fresh air in that classroom is HEPA-filtered (99.97%) and classroom-controlled, independent of the rest of the school.
  3. VENTILATION RATE CONTROL: The Brainy CO2 controller measures indoor CO2 second-by-second and calculates a control signal that it transmits to the Daisy Module to adjust speed up or down to maintain precise fresh air flow to maintain an indoor CO2 level of around 600 parts per million.
  4. FILTER/CLEAN: Filter all fresh air through a high-capacity HEPA filter that will remove 99.97% of outdoor air pollen, mold spores, PM2.5, smoke, bacteria and viruses for that classroom only.
  5. DEHUMIDIFY, HEAT, AND COOL: Control compartment humidity and temperature with variable heat ratio dehumidification provided by a high-efficiency split system for that classroom only.


Funding is available

  • FEDERAL FUNDING New York Times
  • FPL Demand Control Incentives

An Individual “Brainy Module” quickly attaches to a single classroom exterior wall to deliver super-clean fresh air in the precisely correct amount for 4-35 students, automatically. One “Brainy” Module will meet all fresh air requirements for a single classroom. AND Reduce Energy Consumption to Pay For Itself

There is a tremendous amount of emerging evidence that Air pollution has serious and unexpected impacts on health.

Florida Power Rebates

We believe that Brainy Classrooms Fresh Air Module Installations will Qualify for DCV Rebates from Florida Power and EPA Funding

Demand Control Ventilation For Energy Savings

Classroom Carbon Dioxide Control:

CO2 Automatically Maintained to Near 600 Parts Per Million.


Classroom Indoor Relative Humidity Control:

Relative Humidity Automatically Limited To 59.5% and Below.


Quick, Simple Plug ‘N Play Installations 1-100+ Individual Classrooms at a time.

Fresh Air Delivery Ports are bored through masonry and block walls in minutes with a Special “Blue Boar” Diamond Core Rig without creating any mess. No Construction or Restoration.

Low voltage operation with Plug ‘N Play wiring

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