SmartVentilation's Indoor Air Quality Solution Kits

Radon Mitigation of Upper Floor MultiFamily Housing Is Easy with Compartmentalization and Installation of Pressurization/Dilution/Filtration Modules

The Ultimate Radon Solution for MultiHousing

Our Precision Port-Boring Rig (designed by Wayne Dean and manufactured to his specifications in Cape Coral, FL) can Create the Fresh Air Port from Indoors on any floor, even a 23rd floor Penthouse.

The Blue Boar / Daisy Ductless ENGINEERED combination allows a radon mitigation / fresh air system to be completely installed in less than two hours (on any floor) without the need for any restoration. No disturbance to crown moldings, wall coverings, absolutely no construction work, new soffits or repainting. NONE.

One of our installers has been able to complete Daisy installations in and out the door in less than one hour. Occupant can let our installer in, take his family to a movie or a meal, and upon return, Radon Issues are gone and occupants will be breathing safe, super clean indoor air. Imagine! And you (occupants) will be able to adjust the breathing zone’s average radon level with a jeweler’s screwdriver. And you will have an accurate radon meter to make sure you can do it right.

Wayne Dean

Residential and classroom Environmental Optimization