"Smart" Radon Mitigation / Filtered Fresh Air Design and Engineering

The Daisy Ductless Radon Mitigation Technology Was Engineered to be Exempt From Permitting

Three Reasons to Avoid Permitting:

  1. To avoid Delays
  2. To reduce Costs
  3. Because no official inspectors are trained, tested or licensed to inspect and to approve radon mitigation system installations.

A Permit is Not Required Because a Daisy Fresh Air, Lung-Cancer-Prevention Installation

  • Does Not Penetrate the roof – No Roofer Required
  • Does  not Penetrate a support structure – No Structural Engineer Required
  • Does Not Connect to the air conditioning system – No AC Technician Required
  • Does Not Connect to the plumbing system – No Plumber Required
  • Uses a 12vdc plug-in wall adaptor and is not wired-in – No Electrician Required
Air Intake Port Bored through a non-support wall
Ductless, low flow, adjustable, air delivery doesn't need to connect to air conditioner
Low Voltage Wall Adaptor
Power is supplied by a plug-in 12vdc wall adaptor

Somebody Doesn't Want You to Know . . .