Airborne COCCI Spore Inhalation Causes Valley Fever

Most of us spend 90-95% of our time indoors. 

Is it possible to keep  our indoor breathing zone air 99.97% free of COCCI spores?

If so, we may be able to reduce the incidence of Valley Fever by 90% or more!

YES, a Pressurizing HEPA-filtered fresh air system can do it in two ways:

  1. A HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of COCCI spores from fresh air as it is delivered into our home’s breathing zone. (HEPA filters work incredibly well)
  2. Higher breathing zone pressure can reverse the entry of COCCI spores through cracks and leaks in our home by slightly pressurizing our home’s breathing zone and pushing back against spore entry through those cracks.

BUT: In California, (and other states) fresh air has been commonly provided by exhaust ventilation.

Exhaust ventilation depressurizes the breathing zone and drags spore-laden, dirty, smoky air into the home’s breathing zone through cracks and unintentional openings. NOT GOOD because cracks and unintentional opening provide little  filtration and air cleaning at best.

SmartVentilation strongly suggests that EXHAUST VENTILATION be immediately outlawed in all California homes. 

And further, that all homes in COCCI areas be immediately converted to HEPA-filtered fresh air/breathing zone pressurization systems.

California’s common exhaust ventilation approach actually increases the entry of COCCI spores into the breathing zone,

(wildfire smoke too) Incredible! But True!

Conversion from exhaust ventilation to HEPA-filtered pressurization ventilation is incredible quick, easy and affordable.

Want to know  more?

SEE: SmartVentilation’s LOTUS HEPA fresh air / breathing zone pressurization system kit.