Type III Fresh Air Filter by SmartVentilation Radon Mitigation Module

Fresh Air Filter MERV 14-15

Service of a SmartVentilation Type III Filter takes only seconds. Out with the old, in with the new

Your car’s engine breathes through an excellent filter.
WHY? to  make it last longer

Why would I choose SmartVentilation’s Type III fresh air filter for my radon system?

  1. It is the equivalent of an N95 face mask for my whole home
  2. MERV 14-15 means that it removes 95% of outdoor air junk that is best kept out of your lungs, bloodstream, heart, bone marrow and brain 
  3. It is good for 18-24 months
  4. It is EASY to exchange/service from both indoors and outdoors

Why would I not want a HomeMade Fluff Filter?


Who makes the Type III filters and  how can I get them?

Type III filters and holders are designed and manufactured by SmartVentilation, Inc. and installed by RadonRESSQ, LLC

They are available at https://smartairstore.com 

SmartVentilation’s “opened-up” Type III filter compared with a typical homemade “hogshair” filter installed by other radon mitigators in south Florida

COMPARE: Which one do you choose?

Type III filters were designed by Wayne Dean of SmartVentilation. They are MERV 14-15, the equivalent of an N95 filter for the air entering you home through a Daisy Ductless Ventilator, and they exceed the USEPA recommendation of MERV 13 filtration. They are manufactured of premium materials in a respected filter factory. We normally keep 250-600 filters in inventory at all times. You may purchase SVI filters at https://smartairstore.com.

Type III filters remove pollen, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, soot, red tide and blue-green algae toxins, smoke.

Filter Service Life? 18-24 months under normal conditions.

Service life of homemade fresh air filters is 60-90 days at which point they become loaded with dirt and block airflow rendering the radon system ineffective. As a matter of practice, Homemade Filters are almost never serviced, exposing occupants to original radon risk. VERY NOT GOOD

Filters, Factory made, home made
You Choose Which Air Intake Filter is Installed In Your Home
PM2.5 captured by an SVI Type III Filter
A Type III filter loaded with radioactive and toxic heavy metal PM2.5 particles that will not be inhaled by anyone

PM2.5 is very Bad  News.

Recent research indicates that increasing environmental levels of PM2.5 are reflected in similar increases in the incidence of Alzheimer’s.

Analysis of brain tissue of Alzheimer’s patients indicates higher levels of toxic heavy metal and radioactive material accumulations carried as hitchhikers by PM2.5  particles 

To collect PM2.5 particles on an air filter seems preferable to allowing them to accumulate in brain, heart and bone marrow tissue


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