Type II MERV 13 Fresh Air Filter by SmartVentilation, Inc

An easy retrofit of upgrade replacing homemade filters commonly installed on mechanical ventilation RADON systems in south Florida

  • MERV 13 equivalent filtration removes pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, blue-green algae and red tide toxic particles, soot, smoke and PM2.5 which always carry radioactive, toxic, heavy metal hitchhikers.
  • Filter service life? 18-48 months. Removes about 80% of nearly everything

This filter is almost the long life equivalent of an N-95 mask for the fresh air delivered into your home. Exchange filter without tools in 2 minutes.

Retrofit installs in 7-15 minutes, into the same screw holes as the homemade filter housing.

SmartVentilation Type II Filter Compared to a Common Homemade Filter
Type II Fresh Air Intake Filter
The cover may be manually closed in the event of severe weather
The aluminum filter case which may be installed into the same screw holes as the homemade filter

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