The Best Radon Mitigation in Florida

A Daisy Ductless Premium Radon Mitigation System includes the following unmatched features:

  • A MERV 14-15 Filter to keep the bad stuff out of your breathing zone and out of your lungs, heart, bone marrow and brain.
  • A Filter that does not require service every 60-90 days, but instead is good for 18-24 months.
  • A Radon Level Controller so that you can set the radon level with a jeweler’s screwdriver.
  • A fully Automatic Indoor Relative Humidity Controller so that you will never have to worry about mold and moldy odors from radon system operation.
  • A Digital Meter to advise you how many cubic feet per minute your Fresh Air / Radon system is delivering
  • A Digital Radon Meter with an audible alarm that will tell you exactly how well your radon system is working and will sound an alarm if your radon system has failed.

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