Temperature / Relative Humidity Controller (Breathing Zone)


Temp / Humidity Controlledf
SmartVentialtion Relative Humidity/Temperature Controller 

I have developed a later version that is an easier installation than this one. The cover has been lowered to reveal the meters and controls. A video of the later version is on the web home page.

This controller will suspend ventilator operation if and in the event that severe outdoor conditions result in indoor conditions. that may overload the existing HVAC operation.

Since the air delivery rate may be so precisely adjusted just to meet the requirements without gross over-ventilation, the additional thermal and patent loads are much more often manageable without adding pre-conditioning of MU air, ERVs , HRVs or dehumidifiers.

Curiously, Exhaust ventilation is almost universal in California. Exhaust ventilation brings smoke and dirt into the breathing zone any time it is operating. Our supply-only ventilation does not suffer from that major handicap unless exhaust fans are operating and exceed the fresh air delivery rate..


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