South Florida Radon Systems Turned Off Because of Mold Problems

Mechanical Ventilation Radon Systems Commonly Cause Mold in Hot, Humid Climates

In a hot, humid climate to add fresh air into a breathing zone adds mold-causing moisture to shoes, handbags, books pictures, furnishings, clothing, carpets, drapes. When wet enough, mold starts to grow everywhere.

RESULT? When occupants discover radon system operation has caused mold, they quickly turn off the radon system (if they can)

Since it takes a while (months) for the mold to appear, occupants do not realize that the radon system operation was the cause of the mold. “It couldn’t be the radon system because it was installed 18 months ago, and we haven’t had mold until now.”

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory advise that “Smart Controls” can protect against mold and have many other benefits.