WildFire Smoke Blocker

You can keep WildFire Smoke out of your Home.

A simple Plug ‘n Play device called SmartVentilation’s LOTUS will  deliver a stream of outdoor air through a HEPA filter that will remove 99.97% of smoke particles from the air passing through it. This super-clean air can pressurize your breathing zone to push-back against the entry of outdoor smoke through cracks and leaks. “Pushing back” will keep a constant flow of clean indoor air pushing smoke away from cracks and leaky doors and windows. It will pressurize and exclude smoke from a single room if a home is difficult to seal.

Lotus WildFire Smoke Blocker
A Lotus Wildfire Smoke Blocker incorporates a Honeywell HRF-11 HEPA filter and t to o variable speed air moversdeliver 99.97% clean air into the breathing zone..
Lotus Smoke-Blocker to keep smoke out of your home
An Easy Installation in Wood or Masonry Exterior Walls. Although installation is a Plug 'n Play DIY project, a contractor is an alternative
Lotus WildFire Smoke Blocker Air Delivery Port
A Lotus HEPA-filtered Air Delivery Port with Directional Grille. This super-clean air can pressurize a room or an entire home that is fairly airtight.
Wayne Dean
Wayne Says that so long as all air entering your home passes through the Lotus HEPA filter, you can breathe easy. Pressurization will prevent smoke from leaking in.through cracks

The first step is to close all doors and windows and to locate, evaluate and seal air leaks into the breathing zone. Turn on all exhaust fans.

Use your hands or 1′ long 1/2″ strips of tissue paper to check for incoming air through cracks, around doors and windows and electrical outlets. Use masking tape, caulk and weather stripping to seal as many leaks as possible. Masking tape is a quick and effective temporary seal.

The second step to block wildfire smoke entry is to disable and seal off all exhaust fan systems. Many homes used exhaust fans to “pull” breathing zone air out of a  home. Replacement  “fresh” air  came through openings in the building’s exterior. And outdoor smoke was/is sucked into your home when your “ventilation” exhaust fan was running. You don’t want exhaust fan vacuum to suck wildfire smoke into your home through cracks, leaky windows and doors.

The third step is to install the Plug ‘n Play Lotus as described in the Installation Guide.

Installation through wood requires only a 5″ hole saw.

Installation through concrete may be done with a dry diamond bit in a handheld grinder, or it may be done with a wet diamond core drill. The variable speed Lotus is powered by a 12volt plug-in wall adaptor, so no permit or electrician is required 

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