SmartVentilation's Wizard Controller for Fresh Air Radon Systems

SmartVentilation’s Wizard Environmental Controller prevents mold by limiting humidity increases, allows precise adjustment of radon level, incorporates an air delivery rate meter, and when used with a digital radon meter makes it easy to set your radon level.

The Humidity Controller section is factory set for 59.9%, but may be  reset for higher or lower indoor relative  humidity limits by pushbutton.

Our Wizard Indoor Relative Humidity Controller will make it unlikely that you will ever need to install a dehumidifier unless your air conditioner’s dehumidification performance declines.

Our optional CO2 Controller. It will cause our installations to maintain indoor Carbon Dioxide at about 600 parts per million for better sleep and better cognitive function, increasing and decreasing ventilation rates as necessary to maintain 600 ppm as folks come and go.
Maximum relative humidity is set to 59.9% by pushbuttons at our factory in Fort Myers, FL. Settings may be changed up or down in the field by our technicians.
Indoor relative humidity is measured second-by-second, and the instant it exceeds 59.9%, RADON / Ventilation system operation is suspended until indoor relative humidity drops below 60%. Very accurate and responds within about one second.

Our Wizard controller is a one component of our sophisticated retrofit to replace old-style table-lamp timer-controlled radon mitigation systems with SmartVentilation’s SmartSystems.

The photos above show SmartVentilation’s success in providing the best and Smartest solutions for RADON and Fresh Air Solutions in south Florida’s hot, humid climate. 

The image to the right is a controller that does not measure temperature, humidity or airflow rate. It does not know when indoor relative humidity is so high that mold could become a serious issue. We call table lamp timers DUMB for more than one reason. And if they fail in the “on” position, You will likely need to have selected and purchased the extra-cost mold coverage with your homeowner’s insurance.

This is a table lamp timer. It is very commonly used to turn a single speed radon fan on and off a number of times each day. It has 48 little tabs to set the radon level and relative humidity limits by pure guesswork. These timers are often concealed above the ceiling, sometimes completely out of reach.

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