5-7 minute installation / retrofit with a cordless drill. Kit includes no-stain mollies

MERV 14-15 filter removes 95% of smoke,  pollen, mold spores,  Red Tide, Green Mold toxic particles, viruses, bacteria and the dreaded PM2.5 suspected of causing Alzheimer’s, other dementia. Service every 18-24  months, not every 60-90 days. Easy-service pre-fiilter for ERVs, HRVs, ventilating dehumidifiers to allow much longer operation without troublesome, difficult internal filter / cabinet cleaning 

Type III Filter Kit for New or Retrofit

Mechanical Ventilation Specialties
$ 79
Including Shipping, Handling, Sales Tax
  • Includes Type III Filter, adapter plate, modified Deflecto Grille, Stainless Fasteners
  • Easy air/water-tight iinstallation on masonry or stucco with gasket
  • Tall gasket kit available for lap siding, very rough stucco
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SmartVentilation Type II Filter

Type II Filter Kit

For New or Retrofit Installations
$ 39
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