SmartVentilation announces availability of mold-preventing, energy-conserving “Air Circulation Engine Retrofit” system to all HVAC and Radon Mitigation contractors

To meet building fresh air codes, ducted heating and cooling systems often use  high power 500-750 watt  HVAC blowers/fans to  “suck” outdoor air into a home and to distribute it when 15-20 watts will do better.

For reduced energy consumption and Green Buildings, SmartVentilation has engineered a quick, easy and low cost “Air  Circulation Engine”  retrofit solution that does not require operation of a 500-750 watt air handler fan, but can achieve a similar air circulation result using a simple 15-20 watt retrofit.

Initial indications are that this “Air Circulation Engine”  can eliminate mold growth in both occupied and unoccupied residences.

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