Smart Features

Smart Features?

SuperClean Air, “Your family can breathe air even cleaner than the air your car’s engine breathes.” MERV 14-15 removes PM2.5, pollen, mold spores, soot, bacteria, viruses, Red Tide, Blue Green Algae Toxic Particles. Service every 18-24 months, not every 60-90 days

Automatic Mold Prevention. Our electronic controller constantly monitors indoor humidity, and if it rises above 59.9%, the controller immediately suspends system operation until humidity drops to below 59.9%. You won’t need to install a dehumidifier later.

SmartVentilation Master Control Panel

SmartVentilation’s Master Control Panel (above) includes a radon level adjustment to set the average radon level and a digital airflow meter to allow precise and repeatable  adjustments. (No Guessing)

Quick, no-mess, no-construction, no-restoration, permit-exempt installation from indoors,  The Daisy Ductless was cleverly engineered to make installations a  simple, Plug ‘n Play pleasure for everyone.