September 9 and 10, Wayne Dean makes two new radon mitigation technology presentations at the annual AARST International Radon Symposium in Denver

A new method of radon mitigation in high and low rise multi family housing by providing compartmentalized fresh air to meet ASHRAE 62.2-2016 and 2017. Boring fresh air port through exterior wall from indoors, even on upper floors, jewler’s screwdriver-adjustable radon levels, MERV 14-15 filtration, filter service from indoors, automatic temperature and indoor relative humidity control for mold prevention, Carbon Dioxide control to 600 ppm for improved cognitive function and sleep

A new  method of dealing with radon emissions from building materials by extraction of radon from “Radon Reservoirs” before the radon can enter into the breathing zone. Managing micropressures and eliminating unintentional airflows are the keys to terminating radon entry into the breathing zones. Indoor relative humidity management is simple and effective as well as ensuring mold prevention and effective energy conservation.

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