Red Zephyr variable speed fan
Red Zephyr Inline Fan 4"

Why Choose a Red Zephyr?

EZ Adjust Radon Level, Variable Speed Advantages

The 12 volt dc Red Zephyr can be precisely and automatically (SMART) adjusted to deliver a precisely correct airflow rate. No over-ventilation or under-ventilation mold/moisture risk or wasted energy

Energy Efficiency Advantages

NASA grade ECM motor designed and manufactured for Red  Zephyr by experts deliver precise air delivery reliability. using about 1/3 the energy of 120 volt ac permanent split capacitor motors while delivering much greater performance accuracy.

Health Benefits of SMART Red Zephyr Fresh Air Operation with Type II or III MERV 13-15 filter

Asthma and Allergy Trigger Reduction

When operated with a long life MERV 14-15 filter, 95% of outdoor asthma and allergy triggers will be removed BEFORE Fresh Air enters a  home’s breathing zone. Evidence

Improved Cognitive Function (CO2 Control)

Recent, respected research reveals that controlling indoor carbon dioxide to 600 parts per million can prevent debilitatiing declines in cognitive function. Evidence

PM2.5, Air Pollution Associated Risk of Alzheimer’s

Easily operates with MERV 14-15 filter to block Alzheimer’s- causing Airborne Particle Pollution from entering the Breathing Zone and out of occupant’s lungs. Evidence

Darkening of walls, drapes, carpets, ceilings, upholstery results from soot, smoke, PM2.5.

A Red Zephyr-powered MERV 14-15 filter will remove 95% of outdoor soot, smoke, PM2.5 before they can get  into your breathing zone and into  your lungs, preserving the abright colors of your home and health of your lungs.  WOW!

RED ZEPHYR VariFlow Ventilator

  • Custom designed and manufactured to SmartVentilation specifications
  • ECM Electronically Commutated  12 vdc 5-18 watts
  • Variable Speed 5-230 cfm
  • Manual control  by knob or jeweler’s screwdriver OR
  • Electronic speed control: humidity, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, temperature, micro pressure -1.0 to +1.0 pascal (using SmartVentilation designed and manufactured micro pressure controller)
  • 4″ round duct
  • Waterproof (will actually operate underwater)
  • Reliably restarts even as low as 5 cfm
  • Easy upgrade Replacement/Retrofit for single speed 120 vac fans
  • Can be reliably powered by 20 watt solar panel and overnight by battery
  • When used with a CO2 controller which will provide precise control of ventilation rates DCV it becomes a  highly effective and low cost substitute/replacement for ERVs and ventilating dehumidifiers