Block Airborne Red Tide and Toxic Algae Particles from entering your home and making you and your family sick and uncomfortable

1. If you  home is ventilated by exhaust ventilation, meaning exhaust fans in kitchen and bathrooms as well as a clothes dryer, turn them off when outdoor air is not good

Switch from Exhaust Ventilation to Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation and Pressurize your Breathing Zone with highly filtered outdoor air

A mechanical ventilation system consisting of a blower, filter system and automatic controller can keep the inside of  your  home completely free of RED TIDE particles..

You can Eliminate of EXHAUST Ventilation and replace it with a pressurization/filtration system is the secret:. If you operate an exhaust system like a bathroom exhaust, a kitchen exhaust or a clothes dryer, you are sucking indoor air to the out of doors.

RESULT? Every bit of air you exhaust is replaced by outdoor air that leaks and sneaks  in through cracks, crevices, window leaks, door leaks, and other unintentional openings in your home’s exterior pressure envelope.