Radon? Yup, anybody can reduce radon to pass a two day test. All it takes is a fan to blow outdoor air into the breathing zone for a day before the test and then for the 48 hour test period. Almost nobody seems to care what happens after that.

Indoor relative humidity will stay low . . .  for a while. Why? because the furniture, clothing, shoes, books photographs carpets, wood trim, drywall, bedding and mattresses are all acting like dehumidifiers, pulling the moisture (water)  out of the air. Actually, a lot of structures in the home can pull a lot of moisture out of the air, probably about 5,000 to 7,000 poiunds of moisture before they become so saturated that they cannot hold any more moisture, and indoor relative humidity suddenly skyrockets.. About 70% moisture by weight. That’s when the major mold problems begin,.and mold suddenly starts to appear everywhere all at once. “It couldn’t be the radon system;, it  has been in over a year and we never had a mold problem before.”

The trick is to install a radon system that will run 24/7/365 without causing mold and moldy odors as well as an uncomfortably high indoor humidity environment. And that  humidity issue is not so easy. Hohwever, controllers haver been developed that will overcome humidity andmold issues.