You can make an informed radon mitigation decision that will be best for your family instead of best for someone else

“Why did I let the seller pick out the radon system I got stuck with?”


  1. In south Florida all radon issues can be solved satisfactorily
  2. Perform the radon mitigation after closing
  3. Be alert to cozy relationships between radon measurement folks and radon mitigators that can double your costs. “X is the only mitigator I  recommend.” “Especially do not trust Y!”
  4. Do not allow the radon measurement business or staff to also perform radon mitigation (conflict of interest)
  5. Do not allow radon mitigators to perform their own clearance testing  (conflict of interest)
  6. Require a radon mitigator to provide documents explaining and describing the details of every one of the following he proposes to use in your installation: (don’t be kept in the dark)
    1. The air intake filter and filter maintenance
    2. The fan that delivers the air into the home
    3. Can Radon level be adjusted? How?
    4. How is over-ventilation prevented?
    5. How is relative humidity kept below 60%
    6. How is mold prevented?
    7. What is the system failure alarm and  how does it work?.

These are radon quasi-secrets

  • Some property owners and others believe that if the public knows that radon exists in Florida, property values will decline. Radon is not a popular topic in such circles. 
  • FACT: Radon can always be fixed. If done in the best manner, substantial benefits are a remarkable bonus of health, cognitive function, sleep, reduction in allergy & asthma triggers (more later)
  • Radon is commonly emitted from concrete building materials, especially in Florida.
  • Radon is especially common in high rise buildings even on upper floors.
  • The Florida Energy Code still requires that homes be built nearly air tight. RESULT? Odors and Harmful gasses like CO2, formaldehyde and toxic particles like acrolein build up to higher levels than they would if homes had more air leaks.
  • Since July 1, 2017 ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2016 (62.2-2019 coming soon) and the Florida Building Code  require that all homes now be supplied with mechanical ventilation (fresh air) unless they are built leaky. Hmmmm,

Radon Mitigation Secret Details