Informed Radon Mitigation Decision-Makers . . .

Can Make Rational Decisions For Peace of Mind

SmartVentilation Recommends the Following Essentials:

  1. A Smart system that will robotically operate trouble free 24/7/365 and not be turned off because of high humidity, occupant discomfort, mold or moldy odor problems
  2. 18-48 month air intake filter rated at MERV 12 and above instead of a MERV 2 to 4 homemade filter that must be serviced every 60-90 days from the top of an 8 foot ladder
  3. Automatic (Smart) humidity control to prevent high indoor relative humidity, mold and moldy odors
    1. No continuing struggle to set and reset a table lamp timer for off/on full speed fan operation to prevent mold
    2. No humidity/mold prevention by light switch that must be manually turned on and off by occupant as a home becomes too humid and wet
  4. Variable speed fan for easily-adjusted radon levels
  5. Low voltage operation to protect against electrical shock
  6. Quick Plug ‘n Play installation without construction, restoration or cleanup 
  7. Technology that is exempt from permitting costs and delays

Six FACTS for Decision Makers:

  • South Florida concrete emits radon. What reduces radon up north, usually works poorly, if at all, in south Florida.
  • Beginning during the energy crisis of the 1970’s a new Florida Energy Code required that  homes be built nearly airtight to reduce energy consumption. Result? Fresh air was blocked and the homes unexpectedly became “gas chambers” that trapped radon and other toxic gasses inside homes. And no one was paying attention.
  • Almost no homes built before mid 2017 had fresh air (ventilation) systems to dilute radon and other contaminants, but that changed July 1, 2017 when builders were required by law to add mechanical ventilation systems unless each home was individually proven by mandatory blower door testing to be especially “leaky.”
  • South Florida is a hot, humid climate. Ventilating with excessive hot, humid air can make a home moist and moldy.
  • Precise “smart” control of fresh air ventilation can prevent a  home from becoming moist and moldy, but precise control of mechanical ventilation systems is exceptionally rare, even today.
  • Automatic “smart” controls can precisely control a mechanical ventilation (fresh air) system to mitigate radon while preventing high indoor humidity comfort and  mold issues. Adoption of “smart” controls is rapidly gaining momentum in the construction and radon mitigation industries.

Four Suggestions Gleaned From This Writer’s Experience:

  1. Buyer makes all radon mitigation decisions and performs all testing at his own expense.
  2. Buyer pays for radon mitigation. Seller may offer credit at closing.
  3. Mitigation is performed after closing.
  4. Transaction conflicts of interest exist and are wisely considered by decision makers