Radon Mitigation by SmartVentilation

We Love Our Daisy Ductless Fresh Air
Our Radon Systems are Protecting Our Health 24/7/365, and That Keeps Us Happy

“Adjustable, Fresh Air Radon Mitigation Efficient Performance in Condos, Apartments and Single Family Dwellings with State-of-the-Art Technology”

Wayne Dean, JD, Radon Mitigation Specialist since 1990

“We Add the Super-Clean, Oxygen-Rich Fresh Air that the Architects and Builders Left Out

Without Fresh Air, Occupants are rebreathing old, used, stale air with declining oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide exposure.

AND Radon that is continuously being increased by radon emissions from building materials. (Especially common in High rise Multi-Housing in south Florida)

AND We Block off and Seal the “RADON FOUNTAINS” where they exist and are accessible.

A Radon Fountain That Was Never Sealed
Radon Fountain

Unsealed “Radon Fountain” Openings Allowing Radon-Rich Soil Gas to Enter into the Breathing Zone

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