Radon Mitigation, Smoke Entry Blocked quickly and at reasonable cost

We ingenIously pack it all into a 9.25″ long solid steel module and then install it through a port we bore through an exterior wall

Buyers / Sellers / Owners

Why choose an ingenious SmartVentilation System?

  1. Delivers the precisely correct amount of fresh air. Not too much, not too little
  2. No Permits required in many jurisdictions – Quick completions. 
  3.  Daisy Ductless (with Blue Boar port boring rig) installs in two hours with NO damage to walls, paint, paper, faux finish, or crown moldings
  4. Type II and III filters clean fresh air of 95% of pollen, mold spores, smoke, soot, bacteria, viruses, PM2.5.. Require no service for 18-48  months. (not every 60-90 days for homemade filters)
  5. Fully automatic control of fresh air to mainitain ideal indoor temperature, indoor relative humidity
  6. Easily and precisely adjustable radon levels / air flow rate by jeweler’s screwdriver
  7. Carbon Dioxide controller option maintains 600 parts per million for enhanced cognitive function and improved sleep. (Click)  (Click)
  8. MERV `14-15 filter removes 95% of PM2.5, may reduce likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s  .(Click)

Multi Housing Project: Sale, Finance and Refinance

  1. Ingeniously designed to be exempt from permitting in many jurisdictions means no permitting delays, costs, inconvenience and delays of re-inspections
  2. Installs on any floor in less than two hours in and out the door (from indoors). Completed while occupant is at movie or out to dinner.
  3. Temperature / humidity controller maintains comfort as it actively prevents risk of mold
  4. Long life, high performance filters are good for 18-24  months, serviced from indoors even on 30th+ floor. (MERV 14-15) Your maintenance team will love them.  Service from indoors in 3  minutes.
  5. Jeweler’s screwdriver-adjustable precise airflow rates prevent the mold and humidity risk of over-ventilation.
  6. CO2 controller maintains 600 ppm for a remarkable occupant health, cognitive function and sleep improvement (optional).


SmartVentilation’s Type III filter cleans air for 18-24 months without service or attention. MERV 14-15 removes nearly everything to keep occupants protected from airborne toxins

Homemade filter cleans air for 60-90 days before it stops up, and must be removed and washed. 60 to 90 days later, it must be done again since it has stopped up again . MERV 2-3

Temp / Humidity Controlledf
SmartVentilation's "smart" temperature / humidity controller. Cover lowered to reveal indoor conditions that it is programmed to maintain.
Table lamp / Christmas tree timer used to turn radon fan on and off several times a day in an attempt to prevent high humidity and risk of mold. We call this a "dumb" system because it pays no attention to temperature or humidity and blindly operates regardless of indoor conditions even if high indoor humidity could result in major mold damage and occupant illness

Radon Mitigation Service Areas

South Florida 

Collier including Naples, Marco, all areas
Lee including Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Sanibel and all areas
Manatee including Bradenton and all areas
Sarasota including Sarasota and all areas,
Miami-Dade All Cities, all areas
Broward including
Fort Lauderdale and all areas

Why SmartVentilation?

Radon Mitigation


SmartVentilation been studying and installing radon mitigation systems in Florida, Missouri, Michigan and Georgia since 1987

We have installed Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs),  Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs), Dehumidifying Ventilators, Dehumidifiers, SSD Sub Slab Depressurization Systems, (also called ASD Active Soil  Depressurization) and all types of ventilation systems. We are currently developing and testing radon direct-extraction technology. WE KNOW THE SCORE and WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS.


Over the years, we invested over $24,500.00 in sophisticated laboratory-grade test equipment so that we could investigate issues, pose solutions and test our solutions. And we learned how to  use it. We own and are skilled in the use of almost every testing system produced by the Energy Conservatory of Minneapolis MN (Click)

What have we learned?

  • Sub Slab Depressurization SSD, also called Active Soil Depressurization ASD  works well in many cases, but it has several serious issues for which we have devised solutions. SSD / ASD has the potential to depressurize a building heated by unsealed combustion heat. Depressurization can cause backdrafting of combustion products resulting in carbon monoxide in the breathing zone.. Nebraska has the highest incidence of elevated radon in the USA. Most radon mitigation in Nebraska is sub slab depressurization. NEBRASKA  HAS THE HIGHEST DEATH RATE FROM CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING IN THE USA. A Daisy Ductless fresh air module can help to reduce this most unfortunate statistic.
  • Pressurization/Ventilation Systems PVS with fresh air works well in many cases when the radon source is building materials or slab construction defects.however there are several very serious issues for which we have developed solutions
  • Above Slab Air Pressure Differential Barrier systems ASAPDB often works well in multi housing and high rise buildings. We have developed approaches to use ASAPDB technology to mitigate radon without any of the disadvantages of  other approaches.
  • Block Wall Depressurization/Ventilation BWDV works well when block walls are constructed on footers instead of the floor slab surface and when the blocks themselves contain Radium 226 which emits Radon 222.
  • Radon Extraction Systems REX are a new radon  mitigation technology which holds promise to work well in multi housing and high rise buildings. Currently, we are testing its effectiveness.


We design and manufacture specialized products to achieve a result more favorable than the repurposing of off-the-shelf items intended for other purposes. SmartVentilation products are designed, tested and manufactured to save lives, to prevent illness, to increase cognitive function, to reduce asthma and allergy triggers, to reduce likelihood of Alzheimer’s and to protect property from mold..