The Radon Mitigation Game Changer for High Rise and Low Rise Multi Housing

1. The Daisy System was designed to be permitting-exempt

Permit-exempt means::

  • No permit costs
  • No permit issuance delays
  • No waiting and expense of completion inspections and re-inspections
Daisy Ductless, Type III Filter provides THE Compartmentalized Fresh Air / Radon Mitigation Solution

2. The Daisy Ductless

  1. Designed to constantly pressurize / solve radon, air quality issues in high and low rise condos and apartments 
  2. Installs from indoors on any floor. No balcony needed.
  3. Manual or automatic airflow rate for any  fresh air/Indoor air quality issue
  4. Installs in 2 hours in and out the door with no restoration necessary
  5. Designed to be exempt from all permitting, costs, delays, inspections

Why Select the Daisy Ductless?

Type III Cone Air Intake Filter
Type III 18-24 month MERV 14-15 filter good for 18-24 months

3. Type III MERV 14-15 Filter

  1. Custom designed / manufactured to SmartVentilaton specifications
  2. 18-24 month service life
  3. Service in minutes from indoors on any floor. Maintenance loves it.
  4. MERV 14-15 filter material removes 95% of everything, including
  5. Pollen, mold spores, PM2.5, viruses, bacteria, soot, even smoke
  6. WildFire indoor smoke / air pollution Solution
0-70 cfm high pressure impeller

4. Impeller

  1. Custom designed / manufactured to SmartVentilation specifications
  2. Electronically commutated DC motor
  3. Premium bearings
  4. Electronically speed-controlled 5-70 cubic feet per minute
  5. Backward inclined blades provide broad range of air delivery rates
  6. Fully moisture protected
1/8" cell laminar air flow generator. 5-axis CNC machined

5. Laminar Airflow Generator

  1. Custom designed / manufactured to SmartVentilation specifications
  2. Focuses ventilation air stream into a tight beam near ceiling
  3. Fresh, filtered outdoor air is mixed with and tempered by room air high in the room for good mixing and distribution, unsensed by occupants
  4. New ducts, soffits proven to be totally unnecessary
Maintains indoor comfort and humidity despite outdoor weather extremes

6. Temperature / Humidity Controller

  1. Custom designed / manufactured to SmartVentilaitlon specifications
  2. Constantly measures temperature and indoor relative humidity.
  3. If severe outdoor weather causes the Daisy to stress the air conditioning system, the controller temporarily suspends Daisy operation to maintain occupant comfort and to prevent mold.
Automatically Controls Daisy for optimum Cognitive Function and Sleep. NEVER OVER-VENTILATES

7. Carbon Dioxide Controller (Demand Control Ventilation)

  1. Constantly measures indoor carbon dioxide and provides digital readout
  2. Delivers speed control signal to Daisy to increase / decrease ventilation rate as necessary to maintain 600 parts per million
  3. Maintains carbon dioxide level of 600 ppm for optimized occupant cognitive function and sleep without over-ventilation
  4. When unoccupied, occupant-generated CO2 will quickly decline and radon / ventilation system will quickly and automatically shut down
  5. Automatic prevention of mold and moisture damage in unoccupied units
Operates Daisy only when folks are home to reduce mold risk to near -0-

8. Occupancy Controller

  1. Custom designed / manufactured to SmartVentilation specifications
  2. Uses burglar alarm technology to sense presence of occupants, and to start system operation.
  3. Timer operates system for 8, 24, or 60 hours then shuts radon/ventilation system down.
  4. Time delay until off is selected by pushbutton, and delay selected is indicated by LED colored light.
  5. Saves energy, prevents mold when unoccupied. Easily prevents tens of thousands in mold remediation costs and loss of rental  income

9. Power Supply

  1. Custom designed / manufactured power supply provides 12 volts direct current to power the entire Daisy system (90 degree plug)
  2. Designed to avoid the need for electrical permitting, costs and delays of specialized electrical work and delays of permitting inspections

10. Blue Boar Boring Rig

Demonstration Video disclosing use of Blue Boar core drilling rig drilling from indoors, installation of Daisy and exchange of filter: 

11. Retrofit Bottom Line?

In all cases, experience has shown that the Daisy is a quicker, more affordable and more effective Radon Mitigation Technology Retrofit than::

  • Repurposed off-the-shelf and home-made devices and gadgets
  • ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Outside air Dehumidifiers
  • Ventilating Dehumidifiers
  • Air handler-powered ventilation air delivery systems

WHY? An Automatic Daisy never over-ventilates to create moisture and mold nightmares, avoidable stress on existing HVAC equipment and increased energy consumption. AND Automatic Daisies never forget to shut down in unoccupied dwellings