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Highly filtered fresh air systems that are easy to install and reasonably priced,

protect your customers’ ability to breathe clean outdoor air, free of radon, allergens, smoke, PM2.5, ozone and mold spores—by delivering precisely measured amounts of oxygen-rich clean air into tightly built energy efficient homes, apartments, high rise condos, and offices in the most straightforward, uncomplicated, energy efficient and reliable method available. 



Remove 95% of dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, toxic agricultural aerosols, micro particulate, soot and smoke before it can enter the breathing zone.

They are long life (18-24 months), easy to service from indoors our out.

Ozone filters (charcoal) are also available.



An energy efficient fan having an almost imperceptible noise level, responds constantly and automatically to RH, Temperature, CO2 and VOCs. Powered by a low voltage 12vdc/2amp wall wart.  


600 ppm CO2

A maximum indoor CO2 level of approximately 600 ppm is strongly recommended by air quality researchers at Berkeley National Laboratories and the Harvard School of Public Health. Outdoor air is about  400 ppm. A hundred years ago it was closer to 300 ppm. The new indoor air standard reflected in ASHRAE 62.2-2016 improves cognitive function, sleep and decision by 26% to 300%.

Those of us who rarely if ever open our doors and windows when it’s hot, are living in a CO2 bubble.

Documentation available on the SmartVentilation web site.



Delivers optimum air quality regardless of the number of occupants present and provides a clear read-out. It turns itself off when no one is present and on when occupants return. If someone breathes on it or opens a tube of glue, for example, the read-out and fan speed responds immediately, and diminishes as conditions improve.

Humid air intake does not exceed what a residential air conditioner can handle. 



Pressurizing a home can block entry of contaminants into the breathing zone. It helps prevent and sometimes cures mold, unpleasant odors, radon, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. 



Improve your bottom line by offering SmartVentilation Inc. products to your existing customers. SVI will provide literature for your customers with your business name and contact information on it. Training and tools are available for your installers.



SmartVentilation Inc. is a Florida Dept. of Health certified 

Radon Mitigation Business RB2540 (exp. 8/2019)

Wayne Dean, JD, is a FL DOH certified Radon Mitigation Specialist R1878 (exp. 8/2019)  with over 25 years of building science experience 



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