Daisy Ductless Ventilation / Filtration Module



DAISY DUCTLESS Ventilation / filtration module

Through-wall ventilation / filtration module fits totally within concrete block wall with .75″ furring strip and 1/2″ drywall.
10-70 CFM custom designed/ manufactured backward inclined ECM motorized impeller
Motor speed controlled by 0-10 vdc signal provided manually or automatically by humidity or CO2 controller

Micro-pressure controller is available to control Daisy speed to maintain -0- indoor pressure differential WRT outdoors
9.25″ length, 4.25″ tube 6.875″ OD bell
Daisies may be provided in different lengths, but shorter versions will require Type II filter installation

Installation best performed with custom Blue Boar dry / wet core rig designed, manufactured and available from SmartVentilation.
Blue Boar makes installation quick and easy from  indoors or out. No restoration necessary

Outdoor port boring by vacuum attachment fixture provides secure attachment to nearly all painted stucco surfaces

White, baked powder-coat polyester finish, aluminum or steel
Filter: Type III MERV 14-15, filter service life 18-24 months, installs into airtight filter holder weather protected by Deflecto grille
MERV 14-15 removes nearly everything including smoke.
A reasonably airtight home with an operating Daisy and no exhaust fans operating can be surrounded by dense smoke and the breathing zone will not even smell of smoke.
Filter may be serviced from indoors to comply with ASHRAE 62.2-2017
Optional fire protection by UL listed STI intumescent band to close off all airflow at 325 degrees F.


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