Smart Ventilation Inc. designs and manufactures, for residential use—highly filtered fully automated fresh air intake (ventilation) systems having iaq controllers, occupancy sensors, variable speed fans, HEPA and Merv 14-15 filters, fire protected housings for DUCTED and DUCTLESS  fresh air delivery systems, and Blue Boar concrete boring tools (dust capture) for quick, clean INDOOR installations of “Daisy Ductless” Fresh Air Ventilation Systems. 

    Ideal for radon mitigation in high rise, multi housing and energy efficient homes designed to meet the ASHRAE 62.2-2016 ventilation standard. 

    We also manufacture a really cool radon extraction device that removes radon directly from interstitial radon reservoirs and vents it outdoors. 

    Indoor air quality symposiums, mitigation training and installation sessions are available upon request.