My Comments to Pedro

Thank you Pedro.

That information is very good to hear except for the increase in indoor relative  humidity.

But we expected that.

Thank you for advising me.

I would like to make some airflow and micro pressure measurements to evaluate the blower’s performance to see if we can correlate it to indoor air quality and your personal observations.

Some research scientists have stated that low CO2 (around 600) will improve sleep as well as substantially improve cognitive function.

I would like to see your CO2 to remain around 600 in your bedroom day and night.

It could be very easy to do with a CO2 controller.

I have one that we could install on a trial basis to test for effect/benefits.

A conclusion that CO2 of 600 parts per million even improves the marital bedroom experience could be of remarkable interest to most everyone.

I have a laser particle counter. I would like to measure particle counts outdoors and compare to indoors now that the Type II MERV 14-15 filter has been cleaning the fresh air for a while.

There is a great deal of emerging research that suggests that air pollution may have a much greater adverse impact on our bodies and brains than previously thought.

My desire is to prevent entry of particulate by air intake filter. A Honeywell HEPA filter could be substituted for the Type II MERV 14-15 filter that was recently installed. It will clean to 99.97%, a stunning improvement over what is already quite good.

But I  have also learned that the portable Honeywell HEPA air cleaners can remove remarkable amounts of particulate that has already entered and that is generated by day to day indoor activities.

My laser particle count testing using a rented laboratory-grade device has demonstrated particle counts of 0.3 to 10 micron particle level of 1,200,000 particles per cubic foot in Naples, reduced to 970 particles per cubic foot by passing air through the HEPA filter a single time. I tested about 7 times, and the results remained remarkably constant. 960 to 990

Each one of those millions of particles may well add additional doses of harmful toxins to our bodies, accumulating toxins that have been pretty much ignored until recently.

Like red tide, toxic green mold.

In my opinion, at least part of the attic’s dehumidified air should be delivered into the home’s breathing zone.

I would like to create the best, most healthful, and most cognitive function-favorable indoor environment for you that you and I can manage together.


I would like to post a portion of your email below on my web.

I would use only your initials and location as Cape Coral


2 thoughts on “My Comments to Pedro”

  1. I would love to know if there is a portable version that I can bring to my son. He rents a house will an all brick exterior. He cannot drill through the outside wall because of the lease. Is there any type of product that could be created to clean the air remotely?

    1. There are several configuration of the window-mounted portable fresh air device.
      Please provide a photograph and dimensions of the window in which you would like to mount it.
      I may be able to supply one that is a quick and perfect fit.
      It includes the Type III MERV 14-15 cone filter.
      Variable-speed carbon dioxide and temperature/humidity controlled versions are also available.
      In most cases, installation may be completed in 5 minutes without tools.
      Plug ‘n PlAY.
      A non-portable alternative is a unit that requires a 3″ hole to be cut in the window glass.
      It cannot be installed in tempered glass which will shatter.
      Annealed glass can be drilled with a diamond tool.
      A quick, simple process.

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