Lotus Ducted Fresh Air System: Removes 99.97% of all particles (Even Smoke) from fresh air delivered into your home, office or school classroom

Dense wildfire smoke outdoors? With a properly installed and functioning Lotus system, you will not smell smoke inside your home. Not even a little bit.

Pressurization will prevent it from entering the breathing zone from most anywhere

You can breathe the cleanest air available anywhere

The Lotus is designed and manufactured to provide remarkable and powerful features that are unmatched by any other fresh air/ventilation product. It is a quick, easy installation.

  • The most powerful fresh air cleaning/filtration system generally available
  • A properly installed Lotus will pressurize your breathing zone to block and reverse the entry of smoke through cracks and air leaks in the outside of  your building
  • Removes 99.97% of the following for optimum occupant health, c
  • Electronically and manually adjustable air delivery rate control for
    • carbon dioxide
    • radon
    • indoor relative humidity
    • indoor temperature
    • volatile organic compounds VOCs
  • Manually or automatically adjustable 0-160 cubic feet per minute, precisely enough for a 3500 or a 1000 square foot home
  • Mounts on exterior wall. does not steal any indoor space.except for flexible insulated duct, 5″.  May be installed ductless.
  • Quick, simple installation, at surprisingly reasonable cost

Attractive ABS cover mounts on outside of building to provide weather protection

HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particle contaminants including smoke

Honeywell HEPA filter element has extended service life >24 months

Variable speed, electronically commutated low voltage motor may be manually or automatically, electronically controlled by IAQ indoor air quality controller Provides a precise, constant stream of nearly hospital operating room quality air to meet the needs of even the most sensitive occupants without ever over-ventilating.

Lotus filter and cover to be mounted vertically on an exterior wall.

One wingnut secures the durable ABS cover in place to allow swift service when appropriate.