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Since the Daisy Ductless was engineered and designed to be permit exempt, we may be able to complete a Daisy Ductless  installation within 24 hours. NICE!

And we want you to have an electronic radon meter with an audible alarm so if your system does not work right, we can fix it immediately. All parts are available at

Blue oil-filled U-tube instruments should be totally outlawed as indicators for fresh air ventilation radon systems. The lawyers will soon wake up to this major defect and start making claims and filing lawsuits.

Wayne Dean

Our systems and tools are specially designed by me and manufactured in Fort Myers for the best fresh air result possible in a hot humid climate. (including mold prevention.) In hot, humid climates, ERVs always create mold problems, contrary to claims, unless they are not serviced and the air filters block up blocking airflow completely. (A real mess to clean, poor design.)

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