HomeMade Filter

HomeMade Filters Are . . . HomeMade)

HomeMade Filters perform only for a few weeks before they need to be hand-washed or replaced.

But this factory-made Type III Filter “Lives” for 18-24 months as a clearly superior alternative available from RadonRESSQ, LLC and SmartVentilation, Inc.

Type III, MERV 14-15, Good for 18-24 months, removes 95% of outdoor "bad stuff"
HomeMade "hog's hair" filter MERV 2-4 initially removes frogs, butterflies, moths, but removes more as it "loads up." Mandatory service every 60-90 days

So we designed, manufacture and install the SmartVentilation Type III Fresh Air Filter (retrofit too)

  1. MERV 14-15 filter material performs like an N95 Face Mask for  your home
  2. Removes 95% of PM2.5, pollen, mold spores, dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, blue-green algae and red tide toxic particles
  3. Service life 18-24 months
  4. Easy retrofit to replace HomeMade filter assemblies
  5. Available https://smartairstore.com