Homemade Air Intake Filters Are Best Avoided, but almost nobody talks about it. (The Forbidden Subject?)

  1. Homemade filters have problems. Initially, MERV rating is likely about 2-3. But as they become loaded with dirt, they gradually restrict airflow until airflow may become completely blocked.
  2. So what happens to radon levels?
  3. Radon Mitigators warn that homemade filters must be serviced every 60 to 90 days?
  4. But if they do not want their radon mitigation system to create mold problems, they need to make it unlikely that building occupants know about the need to service homemade air intake filters.

So what can the mitigators do? They can put the filter service warning that filters must me serviced in a place where it will be overlooked.

  2. FACT: Failure to service homemade filters properly and regularly will result in complete failure of radon system operation to reduce radon.

Fortunately, High Performance, Long Life Filters Are Available from SmartVentilation, Inc.

Comparison of a polyester fluff homemade filter (MERV 2-3) with an opened-up Type III filter (MERV 14-15)
SmartVentilation-designed and manufactured Type III MERV 14-15 filter with a service life of 18-24 months

SmartVentilation’s Type III filter retrofit kits are available

SmartVentilation’s high performance MERV 14-15 filter exceeds the USEPA recommendation of MERV 13 to keep the outdoors bad stuff from getting indoors.

This retrofit has been engineered to replace homemade filters in minutes. It even uses the same screw holes as the homemade filter holder in most cases.

Type III Filter Performance?

MERV 14-15 (almost identical to an N95 face mask) removes the following from the outdoor fresh air passing through it and into the Breathing Zone:

Mold Spores




Red tide and blue-green algae toxic particles

PM2.5 particles carrying toxic heavy metal and radioactive hitchhikers that make their way to and accumulate in the brain, heart and bone marrow where they are thought to contribute to early onset Alzheimer’s

Type III Retrofit Kit to Replace Homemade Air Intake Filters

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