A Daisy Ductless Delivers Unmatched Radon Mitigation Results

A Daisy’s valuable, unexpected extra features:

  1. Owner can adjust radon levels to his or her preferences by turning a small (almost invisible) screw on the control panel
  2. Occupants will breathe filtered air, super clean, virtually free of outdoor PM2.5, pollen,  mold spores, soot, wildfire smoke, viruses, bacteria
  3. No filter service for 18-24 months. (Service in two minutes, without tools, from indoors or outdoors) MERV 14-15 
  4. Automatic humidity control will prevent elevated indoor relative  humidity no matter how humid it may be outdoors (No new dehumidifier required)
  5. Automatic temperature control even during outdoor temperature extremes
  6. Automatic carbon dioxide control to 600 parts per million for optimized cognitive function and sleep

Radon Mitigation in High and Low Rise Condos and Apartments

A recent upload to YouTube that provides insights for high value property decision-makers including major ticket mortgage  lenders and liability underwriters.as well as for new home buyers concerned about their family’s health, safety, comfort and cognitive function.

Radon Mitigation in Florida Condos, Apartments and Homes

Radon Mitigation in Florida’s Hot, Humid Climate (for home buyers, Lenders, Condo Managers, Apartment Owners, Property Managers, Risk Managers)

Insist that the Contractor describe, show you, and demonstrate operation and filter maintenance of the Mechanical Ventilation Components that he will install

  • In the event radon levels are above about 7-9 picoCuries per liter insist that the  mitigator address any possible “Radon Fountains” that should be sealed to block radon entry and describe in writing how he intends to do it.
  • Insist on an easy to adjust  radon system that allows you to control the radon level within acceptable limits. Insist that he show you  how the adjustment is accomplished
  • Insist on a long life, first class factory-made fresh air filter. Do not accept a  homemade filter that must be serviced every 60-90 days from the top of an 8-foot stepladder.
  • Insist on electronic automatic indoor relative humidity control. Do not accept a manually operated OFF/ON light switch or an extension cord you must unplug and plug in again depending upon the time of day and the season. Do not accept a low accuracy mechanical dehumidistat or humidistat to prevent high humidity and mold. Do not accept a difficult-to-adjust Christmas tree or table lamp timer to turn the radon system on and off a number of times each day in an effort to prevent mold.
  • Insist that he accept liability for any mold or moisture issues that his system may cause (In hot, humid climates, mechanical ventilation systems can easily and often do create new and serious mold problems) Make sure that he does not post an out-of-sight disclaimer that he is not responsible for any mold problems that his fresh air RADON system may cause
  • Insist on your use of an electronic radon meter as showing that radon reduction averages less than 4.0 picoCuries per liter for a period of at least 12 months following installation. 
  • Beware any radon fresh air system that reduces radon to below 2.5 to 2.0 picoCuries per liter. Mold and moisture-causing radon systems will create mold and comfort nightmares. Radon below 1.5? It is just a matter of time before you have serious mold problems from over-ventilation. Too much fresh air and moisture.

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