Radon Mitigation in Concrete & Block Structures (low rise/high rise, single family)

Home Buyer’s Radon Guide In a Hot, Humid Climate

  1. Radon measurement firm delivers written certification that it receives no compensation from radon mitigation firm for referral, or discloses referral compensation to buyer in writing. (Arm’s length transaction; no conflict of interest)
  2. Buyer selects radon mitigation firm to perform mitigation (privity of contract)
  3. Prior to signing contract, buyer receives written document fully disclosing, :
    • filer service requirements
    • mold prevention system/device
    • system operation instructions
    • system failure warning device and operation
    • warranty
    • energy requirements of system operation
  4. Buyer receives credit if any, at closing
  5. Radon mitigation is performed after closing.

Air Intake Filters Make Sense

An effective air intake filter is an easy add-on to a radon mitigation system

Variable Speed Air Delivery Fans Make Sense

An adjustable air delivery rate (adjustable fan speed) allows a precise air flow rate to be set to deliver the correct amount of air without over or under-ventilation

Humidity Controllers Make Sense

In most cases, an automatic “Smart” humidity controller can prevent high Indoor humidity automatically and without need for a dehumidifier

Optional Carbon Dioxide Controllers Make Sense

Research at Harvard School of Public Health and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has shown that to maintain carbon dioxide at around 600 parts per million will substantially improve both cognitive function and the quality of sleep. Some variable speed fans are able to accept the signals from carbon dioxide controllers and then operate to maiintain the desired 600 parts per million with remarkable accuracy 24-7-365.

Radon Entry Openings Should Be Sealed

Blocking radon entry is better than dealing with it after it is in

Radon Gas Extractors Make Sense

Radon accumulating within wall cavities can sometimes be extracted directly to the out-of-doors before it can enter into the breathing zone

System Failure Devices Make Sense

An electronic radon meter with an audible alarm is the best, by far

Blue-oil filled U-tube manometers should be outlawed for use with mechanical ventilation systems.. They give the most powerful indication of successful system operation when the filter is completely stopped up, airflow is stopped and radon is not being reduced by the radon system.. Anyone who installs a blue oil-filled  U-tube  manometer on a mechanical ventilation system is committing life safety gross negligence.as they give totally false indications of system operation.


Air Filters

Fresh Air Intake Filter Kit MERV 14-15

MERV  rating 14-15. Pleated material produces 450 square inches of filter area. Removes 95% of pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, PM2.5, soot, red tide and green toxic algae aerosols, dust, dirt, ec.

Service every 18-24 months

MERV rating

Polyester fluff scissor-cut filter

 2-4. Cut with scissors from a roll of polyester filter material. 12.56 square inches of filter area. Removes 5-10% of larger particles. Quickly loads up with dirt. As airflow slows and stops radon exposure in breathing zone rises to original levels..

Mitigators state “Must be serviced every 60-90 days.” Rarely is such warning given until after full payment is made.


Third Generation variable speed motorized impeller

.New, Custom Engineered, Electronically Commutated Fan Motors can be precisely, automatically and manually speed controlled to deliver the correct fresh air without over or under-ventilation. Continuous lower speed operation provides constant pressurization to block radon entry all the time and places the lightest temperature and humidity loads on air conditioners.

120 vac fan has two modes: FULL SPEED and OFF. Manufacturers recommend that speed controls not be used for reason of  PSC motors.overheating. Automatic control is achieved by using table lamp timers to turn the fans on  and off many times a day.. Pressurization blocking of radon entry only occurs when fans are running. When they are not running, radon can flood the breathing zone. IMAGE COMING SOON

Humidity Control

A “Smart” automatic humidity controller measures indoor relative humidity and temperature.  The controller will operate the radon system so that the air conditioner can keep indoor relative humidity at 60% or less..The controller can be pushbutton reprogrammed to maintain a higher or lower maximum humidity level.  Cover plate lowered to reveal settings. After settings are completed, cover  is placed to conceal numbers from view.

Temp / Humidity Controlledf
SmartVentialtion Relative Humidity/Temperature Controller

A table lamp timer is  used to turn a single speed fan on and off many times a

No humidity control with a table lamp timer
A table lamp timer used in an attempt to prevent high humidity and mold by gguesswork.

day in an attempt to prevent high indoor relative humidity. It is called “dumb” because it does not sense humidity, It only guesses. If the air conditioner fails, a dumb system does not know, and it continues to deliver  hot, humid air even if it causes mold problems to occur..

A manual relative humidity “dumb” control requires the occupant to be aware of indoor relative humidity and to turn the radon system off when the humidity rises above 60% which is the mold-risky point. Successful operation will require that the occupant keep tabs on indoor relative humidity and operate the radon system according. High humidity is uncomfortable as well as the cause of severe mold damage. Idt is called “dumb” because it seeks to control humidity without knowing what humidity actually is.

A Home Buyer’s interests are often different than those of the other parties to the transaction:

  • Home buyer: “I want a home that is safe for my family’s good health, will prevent mold, needs little maintenance, does not require my attention. Enhances my  property value
  • Real Estate Sales Pro: “I want a transaction that gets to the closing table quickly , without problems or delays, I look forward to the commission check.”
  • Radon measurement individual:I want good profit.  I do not want to waste time or make things complicated, One way I might increase my profit is to make the buyer anxious and to steer the customer to the radon mitigation firm who will provide me with the biggest “bird dog” fee.
  • Radon Mitigator: ” I want good profit. I can achieve that by creating buyer anxiety so that he will demand the seller install a more expensive, higher profit radon installation.