Fresh Air Magic's Mission

Mission Statements:

  • To provide a source of accurate and correct information for decision-makers faced with competing / conflicting indoor air quality solution distractions.
  • To provide a source of devices specifically designed and manufactured to install and to deliver powerful and effective indoor air quality improvements with no / minimal unintended adverse consequences.
  • To improve and to maintain good  health, cognitive function, safety and comfort of high rise, low rise and single family dwelling occupants, owners and tenants.
  • To prevent mold damage and risk of personal injury resulting from “dumb” mechanical ventilation in hot, humid climates.


  • Access to the experience, knowledge and skills of Wayne Dean, a pioneer in radon mitigation and indoor air quality problem-solving since 1986
  • Access to all products, technology and tools developed by Wayne Dean and currently available worldwide including the following:
    • Blue Boar air cooled, dust capturing, no restoration, port boring rig for Daisy installation without any restoration necessary. (from indoors, any floor)
    • Cyklonic particle separator to keep Blue Boar process air filters clean for extended periods.
    • Daisy Ductless variable performance ventilator
    • Red Zephyr ducted, variable performance ventilator
    • Lotus ventilator
    • REX radon extraction system
    • Ventilation Humidity Controller
    • Occupancy Sensor and Delay Timer including timed flush function
    • Wireless manual ventilation rate controller
    • Demand control ventilation by CO2
    • Demand control proportional ventilation by indoor relative humidity
    • Energy Miser 24vac HVAC air circulation retrofit
    • PeeWee through-wall air transfer system
    • Digital air delivery rate indicators
    • Filtration Retrofit kit for existing ventilation systems without MERV 14-15 filtration (serviceable from indoors)
    • Type I HEPA long life ventilation air cleaning / filtration assemblies
    • Type II Aluminum box, long life MERV 14-15 filter assemblies
    • Type III MERV 14-15 long life air cleaning / filtration assemblies
    • Air intake fire protection kits incorporating UL listed components
    • Ventilation systems that may be installed in many jurisdictions without application for or issuance of building permits.
    • US Patent for a radon mitigation system