Homemade air intake filter

Can My Home Inspector or Radon Measurement Technician remove the troublesome homemade air  intake filter that needs to be serviced every 60-90 days and replace it with a long life (18-24 month) MERV 14-15 Super-Filter?  Yes he can. And he can take  your credit card payment. Call him. He is the best person to make it  happen.

Replace Home Made Filters in One Trip

Excellent pre-filter for ERVs, HRVs, ventilating dehumidifiers, simple radon / fresh air systems


SmartVentilation Type III filter

4″ Diameter (nominal) 8″ length
MERV 14-15
Flows up to 350 cfm
Easily fitted to both 4″ and 5″ intake ports even if they are poorly bored / not round.


Assembled View

Intake Grille
Grille mount
Filter holder/ adapter plate
Secured with 4 stainless steel screws and plastic mollies


Exploded View

All parts included with Retrofit Kit.
Orange end of filter is soft and makes a good airtight seal into the filter holder/ adapter plate recess. Intake grille locks filter in place


Intake View – interior of filter

Oversize holes in filter holder / adaptor plate allow easy retrofit kit attachment even when existing holes are slightly out.

Filter life 18-24 months. Service from out of doors in five minutes or less.

Filter Retrofit kit easily replaces “clothes dryer exhaust hood Air Intake” 

Clothes dryer exhaust hood air intakes almost  never incorporate any kind of filter. But sometimes they have  permanently installed window screen that quickly loads up and stops airflow.  Cleaning window screen is especially burdensome and needs to be performed every 30-60 days.

Remove exhaust hood, drill 4 holes for retrofit, insert mollies and mount retrofit assembly. Total time? Less than seven  minutes.