Radon Mitigation by SmartVentilation, Inc.


Often, we can complete an installation within one to two days of payment of deposit. Single family or multi family


Our Systems are Plug ‘N Play with easy radon level adjustment
Usually no permitting delays. Our technology is designed to be exempt from permitting.
Two  hour installation without damage to anything.
No restoration, surface finishing or refinishing, wall covering, crown moldings, paint, soffit construction, dehumidifier or ERV installation required. 


  • Usually no permit costs or delays
  • No electrical permit, no electrician,
  • No air conditioning permit. no air conditioning contractor
  • No indoor construction,, no general contractor 
  • No plumbing permit, no plumbing contractor
  • No structural work, no engineer opinion letter
  • Our systems have fire protection. no fire permit or inspection


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Your Correct Radon Mitigation Decision . . .

Can Keep Your Family Healthier, More Comfortable, Sleeping Better and Mentally Sharp (in a Hot, Humid Climate)

AND a “Smart” Radon Mitigation / clean fresh air ventilation system retrofit can enhance, not impair, your home’s Fair Market Value.

ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2016 and the Florida Building Code both require a fresh air mechanical ventilation system in all new homes in Florida that are permitted after July 1, 2017. But  in an older  home, we can install one right now that is much better than the ones builders are installing today.

You can have all these PRIME features at no extra cost:   (In South Florida, east and west coast)

  1. Super Clean Air. For 18-48 months, a “Smart” MERV 14-15 fresh air filter will keep your family breathing clean, oxygen-rich fresh air that is 90-95% free of PM2.5 toxic particles, pollen, mold spores, asthma and allergy triggers, soot, viruses, and bacteria, red tide, toxic green mold aerosols from out of doors. AND it will  need service only every 18 to 48 months (Not every 60-90 days)
  2. Easy Radon Level Adjustment.. With a “Smart” Control you will be able to adjust your fresh air rate / radon level with ease
  3. Automatic Humidity Control prevents mold.Your “Smart” Humidity / Temperature controller will automatically operate to prevent mold growth, moldy odors and allergic reactions to mold.24/7/365
  4. “Smart” fully automatic “Safer Environment” operation:
    • Super-clean, oxygen rich indoor air
    • “Smart,” automatic temperature / humidity control regardless of outdoor weather extremes
    • “Smart” automatic mold prevention
    • A digital radon meter with alarm (optional)

Additionally, you can add these SUPER PRIME OPTIONS

  • PIR controlled fully automatic ON/OFF operation that never forgets to turn itself off when the home is vacant. (optional)
  • “Smart,” automatic carbon dioxide exposure controller (optional) as recommended by scientists at Harvard PH Chan School  of Public Health and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Will your Radon system fail if your polyester fluff filter is not removed, washed out and reinstalled every 60-90 days?

Polyester fluff filters have low MERV performance and because they are so small, they must be serviced every 60-90 days . . . from the top of an 8′ stepladder? Radon mitigators who install them will tell you that. Just Ask.

Good News.

SmartVentilation announces the availability of the Type III filter and retrofit kit to radon  mitigators, air conditioning techs, home inspectors and handy homeowners. This kit allows a MERV 14-15 filter good for 18-24 months to be retrofitted in place of high maintenance, low performance homemade polyester “fluff” filters. .

Wayne Dean introducing Fresh Air Magic by SmartVentilation, Inc.

Designed for quick, trouble-free, and affordable radon solutions in high and low rise multi housing as well as single family dwellings. 6.5  minute intro.

  • Blue Boar port boring rig in action boring from indoors  (any floor)
  • Fitment of a Daisy Ductless fresh air / filtration module
  • MERV 14-15 filter fitment / exchange from indoors and out

Daisy Ductless Radon Mitigation (high rise multi housing) 

  • Installs from indoors on any floor
  • No new construction, no mess, no cleanup
  • Installs in two hours (in and out the door)
  • Introduction to Daisy Ductless and Smart Controls by David Jones of Jones Air Conditioning, Naples, FL.
  • This system has operated flawlessly for 3 years and reliably maintained CO2 at 600 ppm as recommended by Harvard and LBNL Power cord now concealed within wall.

How? Years of Careful Research, Design, Testing and Attention to Detail. And Manufacture

Our unique Blue Boar port-boring rig allows a fresh air port to be completed on any floor from INDOORS without requiring any cleanup or restoration. Often in and out the door in less than two  hours.

  1. SUPER FILTER: Excellent, long life MERV 14-15 filters (18-48 month) remove 95% of outdoor pollen, mold spores, micro particulate, PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, soot, even smoke to keep your home and your family’s lungs clear of airborne toxins and particles from out of doors even during everglades fires, airborne red tide and toxic green algae blooms.Quickly and easily serviced from indoors even on 20th floor. OPTIONAL 99.97% removal HEPA filter will deliver  the same oxygen-rich fresh air but almost as clean as hospital  operating room air. Your home can become a sanctuary of relief for asthma and allergy sufferers even during the worst pollen seasons. 
  2. AUTOMATIC ON  when occupied / OFF when vacant CONTROLLER: An automatic sensor “sees” occupants and keeps the system on when someone is home and turns it off 30-60 hours after they leave. Saves energy, reduces air conditioner operation, prevents mold. “You can’t forget to turn it off when you leave.”
  3. EASY ADJUST RADON LEVEL CONTROL: A simple, jeweler’s screwdriver adjustment makes your home’s radon level a snap to set. Clockwise reduces radon, counterclockwise reduces ventilation.
  4. AUTOMATIC RELATIVE HUMIDITY / TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER: A Smart micro controller constantly keeps track of indoor temperature and relative humidity and directs ventilation/filtration module operation to keep the breathing zone comfortable even during extreme outdoor conditions. Fully programmable by push buttons
  5. OPTIONAL CARBON DIOXIDE CONTROLLER: Automatically operates ventilation rate to maintain the 600 parts per million Carbon Dioxide level for optimal cognitive function as recommended by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Better sleep too SEE
  6. OPTIONAL ELECTRONIC RADON METER: We think you should know what your actual radon exposure is, be able to accurately adjust system operation yourself and be warned immediately if it fails. Don’t you agree?
  7. RADON FOUNTAINS When radon is above about 7-8 picoCuries per liter, “RADON FOUNTAINS” are likely “spewing” radon into the breathing zone through holes in the floor slab. We seal them so that excessive hot, humid outdoor air is not required. RESULT? Much less risk of mold and moldy odors. Less loading, wear and tear on air conditioner. Greater occupant comfort. “It’s the right thing to do.”  

If your air conditioner is properly sized, and with a first class temperature/humidity controller and a properly selected/ installed/tuned radon system, you will not need an ERV, an HRV or a dehumidifier. A smart radon system will not overload or overpower a correctly sized air conditioner’s ability to dehumidify even if the air conditioner dehumidification performance seriously declines. (which decline often happens as they age.) UNLESS A RADON MITIGATOR FAILS TO SEAL A “RADON FOUNTAIN.” Existing “Radon fountains” must always be sealed or treated effectively to  minimize mold risks.

Variable Speed, Low Voltage Fans are also our specialty.

We Design, Manufacture, Install and Sell the only low voltage Variable Speed Fresh Air Fans currently available. It is Simple: With precise speed control, they work better and they control  moisture enough to avoid the need for a new dehumidifier. They are more energy efficient too.

SmartVentilation Fans are designed to provide the best result possible, especially in hot, humid climates where high humidity can upset an air conditioner’s performance and ability to keep the breathing zone dry and to prevent mold and moldy odors. We don’t use products designed for other purposes and try to make them work to fix radon and to prevent mold.

  1. The Daisy Ductless was designed by me and manufactured to my specifications. The Daisy’s fan speed can be precision speed-adjusted manually and/or automatically by SmartVentilation Automatic Controllers. SmartVentilation’s electronic temperature/humidity controller controls the Daisy to keep the breathing zone dry and comfortable regardless of outdoor weather extremes. Daisies use an electronically commutated low voltage motor with infinitely variable speeds. Daisies use a honeycomb laminar airflow generator to mix indoor and outdoor air near the ceiling, unnoticed by occupants. It works beautifully. Noisy? About the same as your refrigerator. Much quieter than your air conditioner. Installs in about two hours in and out the door. Since it is exempt from permitting in many south Florida jurisdictions it may be installed and ready for testing immediately/next day without permitting costs, delays or waits for re-inspection.. Does not require any construction or restoration. Quick and Clean. And Affordable. Ideal for high rise apartments and condos. Quick (Installs while a tenant is to a two hour  movie)

  2. The Red Zephyr and motor were designed by me and are built to my specifications. The low voltage, electronically commutated motor can be manually or automatically speed controlled to deliver air at precisely correct rates from 5 to nearly 200 cubic feet per minute. It may be controlled by a number of SmartVentilation automatic controllers. “Competing” fans operate on 120 volts and are PSC single speed but may be manually speed controlled by what is called a triac.  PSC fans do not like triac speed controllers (they get hot) so I rejected them years ago. Most fan manufacturers recommend against use of triac speed controllers. I also rejected use of $6.00 table lamp timers to turn a single speed fan off and on full speed many times a day. Red Zephyr speed control can be automatic, just like cruise control in your car. Accurate and reliable. Table lamp timers operate more like controlling your car’s speed by alternately flooring your car’s accelerator and then applying the brakes every few miles. Variable speed is clearly a better way than off-on, off-on every few minutes. Smooth, quiet and gentle on you, your nerves and your air conditioner.
  3. The Lotus utilizes an exterior mount variable speed 30-160 cubic foot per minute fan blowing into a 5″ duct. The entire assembly is mounted out of doors on an exterior wall. It pulls HEPA-filtered  fresh air into the duct to keep everything nearly hospital operating-room clean. Service from out of doors.
  4. The Carnation Coming soon.
  5. The REX Radon Extractor Coming soon

We design and install our systems to work 24/7/356 . . . for years . . . Not just to pass a 2 Day post mitigation radon test and to rush you to the closing table.

Passing a two day radon test is extraordinarily easy. . All it takes is an open window or a fan blowing hot, humid air into the breathing zone. A TWO DAY TEST MEANS ALMOST NOTHING because it cannot and does not predict future mold and humidity problems. But it will get a buyer to the closing table. And after that, he is on his own. Some mitigators place a notice in an out-of-the way location advising that if mold occurs, they are not responsible. “Yes, I ran over your child while he was riding his tricycle in the street, but I am  not responsible.” A Notice in an out-of-the-way location: “Your filter needs to be serviced every 60-90 days.” “But I never saw the notice and it was not in the contract”

The hard part is ensuring that after 6-18+ months the home does not become a mold farm with all those nasty, expensive and difficult-to correct-consequences.including property destruction, occupant allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. SMARTVENTILATION TAKES THOSE RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES VERY SERIOUSLY. (CAN YOU TELL?) The  materials of a home of 1500 to 2000 square feet can soak up an additional 5,000 to 7,500 pounds of water before mold starts to grow everywhere. Until that time, the building materials and personal property act like dehumidifiers, pulling moisture out of the excess air and until they become saturated. . . and mold starts to grow everywhere. Because of the delays in mold appearing, owners do not realize that it was the radon system that caused the mold problem instead of failure of an air conditioner that may actually be functioning perfectly. Mold would not be a problem if the radon system were properly tuned and functioning automatically, 

NOTE: There are a number of apartment complexes in south Florida that were mitigated with primitive, concealed radon systems that created serious mold problems resulting in many units with mold issues and residual moldy odor problems. The crafty radon mitigators had told the owners that the air conditioners would take care of the humidity problems. These primitive, faulty, troublesome installations were permitted and apparently inspected by county building inspectors who had no radon mitigation training, knowledge testing or licensing to inspect radon mitigation systems. They still aren’t licensed to inspect or approve radon mitigation systems anywhere in Florida as of March 4, 2019..

They had installed concealed radon fresh air radon systems without filters that were operated by the air conditioner fans. No one knew they were there except county building inspectors or knew how to turn them off. The moisture/mold problem complexes were rehabbed, turned into condos and dumped. Home buyers did not know what they were getting. They were so poorly tuned and set up that operating the air conditioners automatically sucked in more  hot, humid air than the air conditioners could dehumidify. The more the owners operated the air conditioners, the worse the humidity and mold problems. Guess what happened to the Fair Market Value of hundreds of converted condos in those developments.

Almost every condo sold in the complex has just been totally gutted and restored. Buyers would learn why in about 18-24 months when mold remediation and restoration would need to be done again.  The insurance companies still have not caught on.

Any time an apartment complex or condo has mold  issues, the first thing an owner should look for is a poorly set up and operating “dumb” radon mitigation system (without automatic “smart” controls) Some are well concealed. There are thousands of them in south Florida. And they are still making adults, children and pets sick and miserable as they continue to operate undetected and undiscovered.  

IMPORTANT – We always seal the “radon fountains” if radon is above about 7-8 picoCuries per liter. WHY? If radon fountains are sealed, excessive hot, humid outdoor air is not required. RESULT? Much less risk of mold and moldy odors. Less loading, wear and tear on air conditioner.

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