Filtered Fresh Air System Installation – Manual Adjustment – Result

Hello Wayne,

The indoor air quality in my home has definitely improved.  Due to the retrofit foam insulation in my attic and the new windows, my home is very tight with minimal air exchange.  Your device has made a noticeable difference in the air quality; it smells fresher in my home. At the same time my breathing has improved to the point that I no longer am using long acting bronchodilators or corticosteroids to manage my COPD.

C02 levels have definitely gone way down.  Due to how tight my home is with the blower open 3/4 I wake up with C02 levels between 900 and 960 in my bedroom. During the day levels with 2 people home average around 760 to  860.

I have seen lower 610 to 700s with just me home

When my windows are open Levels are as low as 530.

When its humid out and blower 3/4 open causes indoor humidity to go as high as 72 percent .

Pedro Diaz
Respiratory Therapist
Cape Coral, Florida, March 20, 2019

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