HomeBuyer's Radon Mitigation Checklist (Hot, Humid Climate)

Air Intake Filter

  1. Factory made of pleated filter material?
  2. Long service life (Easy exchange every 18-48 months)?
  3. 95% removal of pollen, mold spores, PM2.5, smoke, bacteria, viruses (MERV 14-15) ?

Fresh Air Delivery Fan with Adjustable Speed

  1. Adjustable to deliver the precisely correct flow of fresh air continuously so that air conditioner can handle a small “trickle” of fresh air, instead of heavy, periodic “slugs” of hot, humid air?
  2. Adjustable speed allows radon levels to be very easily adjusted?
  3. Adjustable to prevent over-ventilation, high indoor relative humidity, unnecessary air conditioning loads?
  4. May be operated automatically by digital relative humidity and temperature air quality controllers?

Automatic Air Quality Controls to Prevent Mold, Moldy Odors, and Discomfort from High Indoor Relative Humidity

  1. “Smart Controls” greatly reduce mold risk by knowing when the home is vacant and operating the radon system only when occupants are present? When no one is home, radon does no harm.
  2. “Smart Controls” sense/analyze conditions and automatically adjust fan speed to provide the safest, most favorable indoor environment without creating new moisture, mold or moldy odor problems?
  3. If an air conditioner fails to dehumidify, SmartControls will know it and immediately take corrective action, automatically. Does the system have “Smart” Controls? 
  4. “Dumb Controls” do not sense conditions, but instead rely on a table lamp timer to turn the system on an off every few hours according to guesswork. If humidity goes  high enough to cause mold and moldy odor problems, they are unaware and just keep operating as if nothing has gone wrong. Dumb controls require the occupant to be constantly vigilant for moisture and mold problems and to manually shut the system down when indoor humidity goes too high or things go wrong. Does the system have  “Dumb” controls?

System Failure Warning Device

  1. A digital, electronic radon meter that will provide actual radon level exposure and which includes an audible alarm to warn of a radon system failure within a few hours.
  2. NOT a blue-oil-filled U-tube. These U-tube indicators are intended to reveal pressure levels in sub slab depressurization systems. They are not acceptable in mechanical ventilation systems and should be outlawed for such use. They will show maximum displacement when the air intake filters are totally blocked with accumulated dirt and no radon reduction is occurring.. Yet occupants will assume that maximum displacement indicates maximum radon reduction. Totally false.. The lawyers are really slow on picking up on this. But when they do, there will be high six figure jury awards for such negligence  resulting in lung cancer. An easy, easy slam dunk jury verdict. Collier county has an average of about 254 cases of lung cancer each year. And probably at least 25% of those patients lived in homes with radon levels above the — USEPA Action Level. Maybe even most of them. The state should demand an immediate recall of such installations. And county “permitting” departments need to pay attention.