A Full-Feature Radon Mitigation Proposal will include the following clauses

Air Intake Filter

  1. The air intake will be protected by a factory-made air intake filter
  2. Filter will be able to flow 150 cubic feet per minute with a pressure drop of less than 50 pascals
  3. The filter will be rated for a particle removal performance of at least MERV 12
  4. The filter will not need to be serviced more often than once a year
  5. Filter service may be performed without tools from indoors or outdoors
  6. Replacement filters will be available on-line at reasonable prices

Air Moving Device, Fan

  1. Air mover connections will be 4″ diameter
  2. Air mover will be variable speed to deliver air at adjustable rates of 5 to 70 cubic feet per minuter
  3. Air delivery rate  may be set manually or automatically by electronic sensor/controller
  4. Air mover may be easily serviced / replaced in minutes
  5. Air mover warranty three years
  6. Air mover may be powered by 12 vdc or 120 vac
  7. Air mover will be able to be controlled by CO2 controller to maintain indoor carbon dioxide levels of around 600 parts per million with five building occupants

Radon System Controller (Manual)

Radon system will include a readily accessible, marked, system ON / OFF switch easily distinguishable from a light switch

Radon System Controller (Automatic)

Radon system may be upgraded to be automatically triggered / controlled by

  1. the presence of occupants
  2. indoor relative humidity / temperature 
  3. Indoor carbon dioxide 
  4. Indoor VOCs
  5. Indoor micro pressure with respect to outdoor pressure
  6. Carbon monoxide
  7. Smoke
  8. Micro particulate count

Successful Operation Indicator

System operation will be provided by a device that provides an audible of visible indication of successful system operation


Al system components shall be labeled with appropriate labels indicating function and operation

Operating Instructions

The system will have detailed, written operating instructions