Why select Ductless?

Ductless ventilation is Smarter, quicker, more attractive, less disruptive, less expensive, and because it is Smart / Automatic, it delivers precisely correct airflow and rarely contributes to mold or moldy odor problems Smart systems never over-ventilates


The Daisy Ductless, flush with wall surface

Ductless Appearance & Installation

  • No new construction whatsoever
  • Flush with drywall surface
  • No damage to wall paper, faux finish, or paiint
  • No need to move crown molding
  • No need to return for any touchup
  • Easily bore port and install from indoors with special boring rig, cuttings capture rig
  • Designed to be exempt from permitting in most jurisdictions, no inspections, no permits
Ventilation duct concealed behind newly constructed soffit

Ducted Appearance & Installation

  • New duct concealment soffit intrudes into the room
  • New soffit framework must be built of wood or metal studs
  • Soffit installation  may require removal and replacement of crown molding, damage to wall finish which may be difficult to restore/match (wallpaper, faux finish, custom wall texture)
  • Slow installation may take two days or more, dusty, dirty
  • Requres electric, mechanical, drywall permits and inspection by building official

Installation Speed

Ductless Installation kit is engineered, designed and manufactured for quick Plug’n Play installation. Ventilation/Filtration, laminar airflow generator

  • Port bored from indoors with all cuttings 100% captured and no damage to any surfaces
  • Module, electronics assemblies and wiring harnesses are prebuilt in factory to minimize time in the field. 12vdc plug in power
  • Generally installs in less than two hours  in and out the door with no return or required inspection.

Ducted Installation requires

  • Port boring from out of doors. Can rarely be done except from a balcony or lanai
  • Insulated duct from air intake into air  handler closet or return plenum
  • Construction of support system for soffit drywall to conceal duct.
  • Installation of single speed fan operated by table lamp timer or use of HVAC fan controlled by Air Cycler.
  • Installation of 120 vac power for fan


The Terrible, Hidden Flaw in Ducted Ventilation Systems that causes difficult to solve and recurring mold and moldy odors

It is very common that ducted ventilation systems dump unconditioned, hot, humid outdoor air into a very small room (air handler closet) with chilled and through to the backside. walls on which moisture can condense and soak into the drywall material

Why Timer-Operated Installations Cause Mold and Moldy Odors