The Daisy Ductless Premium Radon Mitigation Technology


Design/Installation Advantages:

  1. Quick Installation Usually less than Two Hours In and Out the Door with little disturbance to occupants
  2. Installs From Indoors or Outdoors
  3. Permit Exempt
  4. No New Ducts, Soffits, Construction
  5. No New Electrical Wiring
  6. No Disturbance/Restoration of Paint, Wallpaper, Faux fFnish, Crown Moldings


Radon Mitigation Advantages:

  • MERV 14-15 filtration of fresh air (good for 18-24 months)
  • Fully Automatic Mold Prevention Operation
  • Easily Adjustable Radon Level (by jeweler’s screwdriver)
  • Constant Pressurization reverses radon entry, dries out exterior wall cavities to prevent mold growth
  • Constant Radon / Carbon Dioxide Dilution
  • Constant Delivery of Oxygen-Rich, super-cleaned Outdoor Air


Occupant Health and Intellectual Advantages

Reduced Radon Exposure = Lessened risk of lung cancer

Reduction in Asthma and Allergy Triggers

Increase in  cognitive function resulting from lowing and maintaining carbon dioxde levels to around 600 parts per million


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