Complete Install Less Than Two Hours, in and out the door

Designed and Engineered for Multi Housing

Daisy Ductless Portable Ventilator

The Daisy radon / ventilation Solution is designed and engineered to be an effective, simple and quick installation in high and low rise multi housing as well as single family dwellings. FROM INDOORS – No outdoor access required for installation or for filter service.

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  • Usually good for 750-3000 square foot dwelling
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.2-2016 and 2017 filter access from indoors with or without demand control ventilation
  • Fully automatic DCV control by SmartVentilation may include IAQ controller, CO2, VOCs, temperature, humidity, micro particulate, PM2.5, micro pressure management  -1.0 to +1.0 pascals, even Oxygen
  • MERV 14-15 filter removes 95% of nearly everything; service every 18-24 months, FROM INDOORS.
  • Manual controller by knob or jeweler’s screwdriver may include digital CFM readout
  • Duct-free/damage free installation can be quickly accomplished using SmartVentilation- designed and manufactured Blue Boar diamond boring rig and SuperCyklone particle separator/capture system.
  • No mess, no cleanup, no damage to or marks on wall or wall finish
  • Completed in and out the door while residents have gone to dinner.or to a movie
Daisy Ductless Product Data Sheet
Daisy Ductless Fresh Air Portable Ventilator Specification Submittal Data Sheet