Daisy Ductless

The Daisy Ductless Radon Mitigation and Filtered Fresh Air Delivery Solution Works Every Time

NOISY? Our Daisy was engineered to be nearly silent, but of course, it is not. It makes about as much noise as your refrigerator or your air conditioner.  A “White Noise”

Does the sound of your refrigerator disturb  you? Does the sound of  your air conditioner disturb you? We don’t think a Daisy will disturb you either.

We are so highly confident that a Daisy will not disturb you that if it does, we will remove it and restore your home so that no one will know that a Daisy had ever been installed. And we will refund your deposit, too.

Daisy Ductless

The portable Plug ‘n Play Ventilator Module (designed by Wayne Dean and built in Cape Coral, FL) includes an ECM variable speed Motorized Impeller (low voltage), electronics protected against salt mist, a MERV 14-15 Type III filter and filter holder, a rain shield, long-life EPDM gaskets, and an attractive indoor appearance. Aluminum, finished with a hard, baked polyester, high durability powdercoat finish that looks and feels like porcelain. Plug-in electrical connectors. Operates on 12vdc for safety and no-permit installation. The Plug ‘n Play Daisy (MTBF 100,000 hours)  may be exchanged within five minutes or less for new or rebuilt by almost any handy person. Air delivery rate? 5-70 cfm. Installation always permit-exempt when installed in accordance with the installation guide. The Daisy is portable and may be moved from one prepared port to another in less than five minutes. Blue Boar-Prepared ports may be quickly and easily closed off temporarily or permanently without a clue that it had ever been installed.

Engineer’s Submittal Sheet Authorizing Installation in Single Family Dwellings, Apartments and Condominiums.

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