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Daisy Ductless tecvhnology is designed for homebuyers, homeowners, apartment complex owners, condo associations, landlords, property managers, and HOAs, to protect the health of building occupants from the personal injury risks of breathing bad air.

Who it’s for

Individuals and organizations looking for  quick, affordable and effective technology to protect building occupants from radon, PM2.5, carbon dioxide, VOCs, red tide particulate, blue-green algae neurotoxins, airborne dust including radioactive and toxic heavy metal particles, viruses and bacteria, and to do it without unintended adverse consequences.

What is SmartVentilation?

SmartVentilation is a building-science-based researcher, manufacturer, vendor and installer what protects building  occupants from harm. Additionally to protect property owners and  managers from liability for maintaining an unsafe environment. They offer effective and affordable indoor air quality solutions to help you to deliver indoor air quality to keep occupants safe and comfortable as well as to preserve property from destruction by moisture and to reduce maintenance costs.

Daisy Ductless Essentials – Health Protection / Maintenance Features

✔ Radon exposure reduced to below US EPA Action Level of 4.0 picoCuries per liter (easily adjustable)

✔ Delivery of highly filtered fresh air in easily-adjustable quantities

✔ Fresh air filtration (MERV 14-15) that exceeds USEPA’s new filter performance recommendation (MERV 13) and matches wearing an N95 face mask

✔ Fresh air cleaning to remove 95% of asthma and allergy triggers, bacteria, viruses, PM2.5 including radioactive and toxic heavy metal hitchhikers, red tide particles and blue-green algae neurotoxins

✔ Easy filter service from indoors as required by ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2019. Filter service life 18-24 months

✔ Fully automatic humidity control to prevent high indoor relative humidity and increased mold risk

Quick, easy installation in two  hours or less, in and out the door, without need for cleanup or any restoration of wall coverings, paint, crown moldings


Daisy Ductless Essentials videos

Notice of Attack by Hired Black Hat Web and EMail Assassin

Both our web and YouTube content have been attacked successfully in an attempt to prevent you from viewing the  SmartVentilation web and indoor air quality videos.

We believe that unbeknownst to us, for many months, this ruthless group has also had unlawful and unlimited access to our email

We believe it is by the same ruthless group who unlawfully acquired our production Daisy manufacturing mold so that they could manufacture precisely identical copies of our Daisy housing  by the thousands. Such violation of the criminal law forces us to have  a new mold machined, thereby delaying our Daisy production to fulfill current contracts.

I will seek to restore and to produce new and replacement videos as I am able

Expert Insight

Daisy Ductless is a strong solution for creating and maintaining a safe, low-maintenance breathing-zone  environment delivered as an integrated, optimized  solution to breathing zone contamination issues for the safety and health of breathing zone occupants that will match or exceed best practices..

Daisy Essentials is a cost-effective solution, with features such  air cleaning as part of the safety package that would otherwise be expensive retrofits. Daisy Essentials provides a means of providing control and confidence over continued occupant safety with little or no opportunity for  negligence.

With Daisy Essentials, SmartVentilation provides homeowners, apartment owners, lenders, property managers, HOAs, maintenance managers and builders with solutions to keep occupants healthy, sleeping well and enjoying increased cognitive function.  Current research indicates that removing PM2.5 and radioactive, heavy metal toxic hitchhikers from inhaled air may also delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by preventing their transport into and accumulation in the brain where they remain.


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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ We especially liked automatic carbon dioxide control and mold prevention control

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