"Smart" Indoor Air Quality Controller

“Smart” Indoor Air Quality Controller

The controller detects and measures carbon dioxide, VOCs, temperature and indoor relative humidity. It then calculates and generates control signals that may be used to control thre Daisy Ductless and the Red Zehyr variable speed :”Smart” fans to deliver fresh air to correct indoor air quality deficiencies.

"Smart" Indoor Relative Humidity / Temperature Controller

Temp / Humidity Controlledf

OPENED FOR VIEW (During normal operation, the cover is placed over the digital readout, and only a  very soft glow reveals system operation)

Indoor Relative Humidity / Temperature Controller will automatically control fresh air system operation to maintain a comfortable, dry home regardless of severe weather outdoors.

This display reveals the actual indoor conditions the controller is successfully maintaining by controlling ventilation.

Upper display is of indoor temperature,

Lower display is of indoor relative humidity

This controller also allows adjustment of radon reduction performance with a jeweler’s screwdriver

"Smart" Proportional Indoor Relative Humidity Controller

Proportional Indoor Relative Humidity Controller Digital

Constantly measures indoor relative humidity and varies fan speed proportionately to maintain the very lowest radon levels at all times while maintaining indoor relative humidity between 52 and 59%. This clever instrument will  compensate for inadequate or declining dehumidification performance of an air conditioner, thereby helping to prevent mold as the system reduces radon exposure.

"Smart" Digital Indoor Relative Humidity Controller

Relative Humidity Controller

Constantly measures indoor relative  humidity and when humidity rises above the humidity set point, the ventilation is temporarily suspended until air conditioner operation reduces indoor relative humidity to below the adjustable set point.

"Smart" Occupancy Controller

“Smart” Occupancy Controller

Constantly looks for presence of a person in the unit, and when observed, immediately directs the radon / ventilation system to begin operation. Operation will continue until 60 hours after the home becomes vacant at which time radon / ventilation system operation is suspended until occupancy is restored.

"Smart: Micro Pressure Controller

“Smart” Micro Pressure Controller

This was a tough one. We spent over $10,000.00 in development of this sophisticated device. It provides a precisely correct flow of fresh air (from -0- to 160 cfm) into a breathing zone or combustion appliance zone to prevent back drafting and death from flue spillage of carbon monoxide. It will maintain -0- pascals plus or  minus 1 pascal pressure with respect to the out of doors. Response time: two seconds.It utilizes a Swiss-made theremal bridge detector. Expensive. It will also precisely control our MAGNUM fresh air system that will deliver  -0- to 8,300 cfm for large buildings

Manual Radon Level Controller with Digital CFM Readout

“Dumb” Manually Adjustable Radon Level / Ventilation Rate Controller.

When used with the Daisy Ductless, this controller provides a quick adjustment of airflow to the desired rate. The digital meter indicates approximate airflow, the setting on this system provides 13 cubic feet per minute, which was enough to mitigate a fairly low radon level in an energy efficient condo. This controller may be  used in conjunction with the “Smart” humidity controller to prevent mold-favorable conditions in a condo.